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AIR JORDAN XXXIII Performance Review

The newest sneaker of JORDAN BRAND  released , that is the most competition in the sneaker world.Though there are a lot of new shoes , such as the Air Jordan OG series and Adidas new shoes . The Air Jordan 33 still  become the most popular in recently which the great stetting  and comfortable . So we will look at the how about the performance of the Air Jordan 33 today .


For the box ,it was really amazing . The shoe box packaging is like a  treasure box type, which from the top to uncover the design, a bit like buying a new electronic product. In fact, the design  of box does not convenient at all ,it is  unlike the ordinary flip shoe box. And as we know it will take more time for the box production .  so this design can give us a formal feeling, it is look very SPECIAL. The shoe box material continues the high-quality thickened paper surface. we can also see the red fabric on the sides of the shoe cover that the box. The details are very elegant when open the shoe box.The theme uses a plastic paper similar to tin foil to replace plain paper. From the detail the entire package, we can also see more careful of team of Joran .


There are a lot of details of the inside of box, the card of Jordans and the silver paper look so cool .

The look  of JORDAN began to pay tribute to the Air Jordan 1 version since of the Air Jordan 31 version . So we guess that Air Jordan  33 is a tribute to the 3rd version . We may not be able to see in the picture what the similar with  Air Jordan 33 and Air Jordan 3 . In fact, except for the shoe part that everyone can visually see, the look of  shoe are similar to the 3rd version . The upper  shoe looks like it is relatively large. this is a  innovative upper part,whihc also a kind of popular deconstruction style. Overall, the style is quite satisfactory, and may be limited to the color matching of the first color match.


For the material : It is a great setting for the Air Jordan 33, we are looking  at the configuration of these shoes, first of all,when I received my pair of the Air Jordan 33 I was told that the forefoot was tightened up by the parachute cord and FastFit system while the rear of the shoe was tightened by the red strap — at least its red on my pair. Both of these things are true.

Then there is one  amazing design  .We can see a manual on how to use the wheel. The wheel is placed on the sole. The thin line is exposed on the upper through the inner thread of the shoe. After the foot is pulled, the red rope can be tightened to wrap the middle midsole  and pull the yellow rope. When the rope is pulled at the same time, the middle ,midsole can be loosened. The actual use is quite convenient. The inside part of the detail part is not surprisingly equipped with the inner boot .

Thanks for the  foam of the ankle part .we can felt more comfortable when we running .Also the FastFit system really did a great job .and the  Velcro  also can lockdown the  feet well .

For the traction :The traction with the ZOOM with FLYSPEED setting .First we look at the forefoot of  ZOOM cushioning , you can see that the ZOOM as the normal and  performance great . Nike usually use this setting in many types  shoes. The  so that we can intuitively have the ZOOM’s foot feel, and after several generations of similar design experience, we can also see the convex bottom surface as below :

The upper layer FLYSPEED board gives ZOOM a larger force density and deformation space, so that we can felt more the feedback when we played after development of  Zoom setting. We can also saw the shape more smooth of as the picture , the chamfer of the ZOOM edge becomes stereoscopic, this design can make the force in the process of movement more excellent.And it can reduce the performance of Air Jordan 8 which  broken situation .

For the gripping :The grip part is also the most important and basic part of the shoes. The small-grid grip on the KOBE 10 has been confirmed. This time, the Air Jordan 33’s small dot pattern is not bad.

I was feeling a little of stiff at beginning , maybe the reason why that  it was  new shoes, or maybe about the setting of the shoes. I recommended to warm up then wear it again. Otherwise, it will last for a while, and the wearing process can be said to be effortless. Login, lift and tighten, simple and fast.


For the fitting  .It is true size .if  you like the feeling of tight, maybe you can choose  the smaller of half size . I guess it is  not too bad. But if you like  the more size of the shoes, you c an buy the a  little over a half size . that is no problem at all .


For the cushioning :

it was the setting of cushioning will be amazing .Equipped with the evolution of the forefoot large-area outcrop ZOOM with FLYSPEED , the foot feel is really very embarrassing, ZOOM feedback is quite good, it just like other shoes with setting of ZOOM shoes. I feel that ZOOM setting like the last model which more effective and responsive  . The length midsole part is quite satisfactory, there is no particularly large foot feeling.

In terms of anti-twisting, I felt more comfortable . The upper is made of heat welded fuse which more stability and flexibility . The weight of the shoes is mostly concentrated in the midsole. This time, the Air Jordan 33 midsole is very  nice , then we can found mid-bottom sports force is not uncertain, it can be said the setting is the most  popular in the market recently .


For the wrapping :

In terms of  wrapping. Thanks to the newly  technology of Air Jordan 33, it is  convenient to give you a feeling of wrapping in the midfoot. Of course, this is also inseparable from the filling of the inner filling and the inner boots. In addition, we can see that the heel part is also used now. The popular backward shoe makes it easier to wear, and overall it feels good from wearing it to the parcel. Of course, there is one to say that it may be limited by the design of the overall shoe type, but we can felt a little space of the toe parts.


While playing this past weekend everything was feeling great. From the traction up to the fit, I was loving the shoe and then some pain started to become a factor. More importantly, there are parachute cables attached to the medial side of it where it feeds into the interior of the shoe. Two cable strands make their way across my arch and into the footbed of the shoe where it then feeds into the visible system installed under the arch of the shoe.

Overall,the Air Jordan with the FastFit system that I’ve been really trying to adjust to and now I know not to tighten the shoes up quite to the extent that I had. I also know now that when my foot swells during my time on-court , the Performance is great.

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Adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review

When I was a student especially as a college student,I remembered clearly that the basketball player,Derrick Rose was one of my favorite players. And until now,I still like him very much.Though there were some things such as injuries,trades and jumping around the league,finally he still has his own shoes that are quite excellent . And I knew I was longing for it and with fortune,I finally got one pair.So, today I will check it for you.

Here,I will still talk about the shoe’s appearance first. To tell you the true,when I saw the official images of Rose 9 for the first time,I even can’t believe it is Rose 9. Maybe you’ll ask,”why?” I must tell you that this is because I have experienced the Rose 8 which brought me much disappointment in many aspects.But the Rose 9 has made up of this.

As you can see, the shoe type is not only beautiful but also cool. The shoe looks a bit slender overall and it gives you motivation when starting up. In other words,you can have a breakthrough in your speed.For this version,its color is mainly white and also has the matching of black and pink. To a personal level, this kind of colorway is so lively and characteristic.

Looking at this shoe,don’t you have a desire to own it? At least for me,I do. I think I be deeply attracted to it.


There is an obviously logo and a rose logo on the heel is also made of embroidery. So nice!


As for the traction,I think it is a bit colorful. In the middle part,you can see there is Rose’s personal signature,and the design of the traction also becomes a highlight of the shoe. Though it has equipped with Adiwer tech which was said to be durable ,I think it still needs some improvement. But on the other hand,its grip is still very good and there is no any slipping problems.

There is a TPU equipped in the shoe,but,based on my personal experience,I think the tear resistance performance is just so so though it is hard.Therefore,I am a little disappointed.


Next, it’s about cushion.For years,I have always been hearing that ”Boost is life” ,so is that right? Well,everyone has his own idea,but apparently Derrick Rose and his designers didn’t agree. This time we can not see the Boost in Rose 9,instead,it equips  with the Bounce tech. Well,though the midsole of Rose 9 is a bit slim, it is still comfortable. And it can absorb impact just fine and it rides low for great court feel, but there is just no real feedback, no response to forces. When getting into your next step and move it is perfect because the Bounce is full-length,so transition is great.

When you first get it,you can obviously feel the toe is hard,but this helps you start up.And cushion of the heel is enough,which feels like stepping on some soft things.Excellent!

In terms of the support, Rose 9 does well in this point. You’ll feel super stable in it and there is no extra room for your foot to move because the shoe tightly lock your foot in it. But if you are expecting some support from the laces then you are getting wrong as there is no any help from a lateral standpoint. It is just enough for you.

As an old saying goes,”Whether the shoe is suitable for you,only you know.”.So,if you ask me about the fit,I will tell you that only your foot knows the answer. I can only give you my experience. I think the fit was perfect for me.The length on the big toe area is almost OK. At least until now,I can’t find other shoes that are more suitable for me.


There is no deny that Rose 9 is such a nice and characteristic sneaker. It is suitable not only for actual combat,but also for daily wearing.However, though it has a beautiful appearance,its actual performance is just OK. But with a lower price,I only suggest some fans of Rose buy it or you may feel disappointed.So if you have higher requirement for actual performance,then it might not be suitable for you. Everyone one loves to be beautiful ,then why not grab the Rose 9 and let it fulfill your wishes?

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adidas Pro Bounce Low PE Performance Review

When the Adidas Crazy Boost 2017 first appeared, I know many people were trying their best to pick it just like me. Yes, I think I must like it so much that I even start saving money in order to get it . But now,when I see the official images of Pro Bounce ,I admitted it was quite unacceptable for me because I think it is much worse than Adidas Crazy Boost whether in design or setting.

So what is it actually like? Today we will have a check.


First of all,I’ll talk about the appearance.Well,what I picked was not the black/white but the low-top one. Honestly speaking, the shoe fits my socks so much! Doesn’t it ?

The upper of this sneaker is a PK woven version. Below is a image about Crazy Explosive 2017 PK,you can make some comparison between them.

For the shoe tongue,as you can see,it is designed well. And the heel part is also woven and it wraps well. However,what makes me down is that the TPU equipped in the heel is a bit small,which brings the result that the heel cushion is not enough.

Secondly,it’s about the traction.Well,I dare not say I am a senior basketball player,but as a basketball fan like many of you, I know the traction of a shoe is of great importance.To some extent, a good traction may even add points to your performance.

Here I must mention it that the shoe’s traction is made of raw water crystal.For its shape you can see in the picture below. However,I must admit that I don’t understand the traction design quite well,a bit confused.But even so,during my whole actual combat, I knew I’ve got the right one which helped me greatly.It just gripped the court tightly when I needed it did so.And with it,I can change my movements with ease. But I think I need to suggest you that you had better not play in it on dusty courts.

Next,I will talk about the cushion. For this setup,the shoe has equipped with a big Bounce.When I see the Crazy Explosive 2017 PK’s cushion,of course,I will definitely make a comparison between them because the most concerned part is the cushioning. As I’ve said,there is a big Bounce (its cost is low) placed in the shoe ,which results in the low price of this Pro Bounce.

But even the cost is low, I would tell you the shoe’s cushion is pretty excellent and it even makes me think of the Dame 3 which is as excellent as Pro Bounce. Based on my experience,I am quite satisfied with the setup for I can feel its elasticity and it is super enjoyable.


Then it’s time to tell you some about wrapping. There are some fillers in the shoe which is used to make up of the defect that the TPU brought. In daily wearing you can feel that your foot are wrapped well.


Finally,I’d like to talk about the support. Before formal introduction, I’d like to talk about the use of TPU. Firstly, it offers support for its wearer. Secondly, it helps improve stability and prevent some injuries. So,how well can the shoe perform in this aspect? Sadly,I must tell you its performance is quite disappointing. Therefore,if you can’t accept this you’d better consider again and again.

Overall :

Objectively speaking, its cushion and grip are super good. So,if you’ve decided to make it be your next target of purchase then you’d better grab it as soon as possible.But,if you can’t accept its shortcomings then I suggest you choose a high-top and engineering mesh one.In short,I think I’ve got my favorite one,so happy!



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Under Armour Curry 5 Performance Review

In just a few months, Under Armour launched the fifth version of signature shoes for Stephen Curry,that is  Curry 5. The news sneaker was stunning . Will  be the surprising of low basketball shoes?

We will be check it today .

Many fans and people around the NBA are calling this the pseudo NBA Finals as the winner of this series is expected to finish off the representative from the Eastern Conference with relative ease.

For the box , it is simply but with Number 5 .It is look nice .



The Curry 5 is lightweight, low-profile design combines 360-degree comfort for quick and agile footsteps and lifts the grip to the highest level, making Curry’s excellent quickly stoping  transition even more impeccable! The shoes are inspired by the 「π」 , which can never be divisible, so that Stephen Curry can bring endless possibilities.

For the weight :

The right foot only 338 grams on one foot. Although the Curry 5 is not as good as the exaggerated weight  as the previous version, it is changed to a low type design. We can feel its lightness on the foot.

For the traction :

The CURRY 5 shoe design is inspired by 3.14  of 「π」, and also represents Stephen Curry’s birthday March 14. The Curry 5 is a double-material design with a large translucent rubber and a general rubber material at the center of the forefoot.


The translucent rubber material is basically composed of diagonal stripes. As for the center of the forefoot, it is more interesting. The curry 5 used the concept of “squaring the circle” , but the circular part is purely for decoration, it will  be help a lot . The range to the square is only the square.

The grip is very good. The rubber texture will be more wear-resistant. However, the large translucent area is very sticky. If it is not wiped, maybe we will more sliding .we recommended to select the color of several full- length rubbers that are listed recently.




Is there any improvement of Curry 5 cushioning capacity? For the first time, Curry 4 canceled cushioning of CHARGED midsole and changed the EVA foam midsole.However Curry 5 continues to use the lightweight EVA midsole, but we has to say that the overall foot feel is much improved,  we can felt a little flexibility.



In order to increase the cushioning system, Curry 5  have been  not as good as the previous version, but it does not make you feel “higher”. Although the EVA midsole does not have its own cushioning ability, the quick and sensitive response are the favorite of lot of people.We can felt more the responsive and feedback.

For the material :

The Curry 5 upper is made of soft fabric with a layer of Anafoam on the forefoot and heel  part, and a heel-filled padding. That is in order to improved the lockdown. In addition, the asymmetrical lacing system design is also a highlight, helping the upper to fit the feet well.



One of the great advantages of Curry 5 will become disadvantage. The midsole is close to the inward to arch area. These points make Curry 5 was the first choice for high arch guys. For me, I think it is fit for me well ,there is no large space between the shoes and feet.


We suggested that those who Low-arch, flat-footed or wide-footed shoemakers  giving up Curry 5. Because of the problem of high and narrow arches can make you very uncomfortable during the running process. The option of the big half is not an ideal solution. The Curry 5 version has been slightly longer, and the larger half will increase the overall excess space.


As the first  low type of Curry  basketball shoes, we have been not   expected  it will be good for the ankle protection. So Many people will ask the design of Curry 5  whether be better ? In fact, Curry had been injured many times in the early years because of the ankle problem. Therefore, in addition to the basic attachment of the defenders, Curry will also wear the top guards with protective ability and strong sneakers.


For the supporting :

Although the Curry 5 used a thin layer of knitted uppers like socks, so many people will think the support of the Curry 5  just so so .Actually the supporting of Curry 5 . From TPU stabilizers supporting , the harder Anafoam upper  also help a lot, it can effectively “support” the heel, not only to achieve the support protection effect, but also to reduce the chance of sliding inside the shoe.

Curry 5 to be perfect in the all kind of  protections. The best design material of   Anafoam upper Curry 1. Anafoam has sufficient support strength, but the material itself is not too hard, and the covered area is meticulous. so we will felt the material will be soft.  In addition, the midsole TPU and the Outrigger on the outside of the forefoot also enhance the Curry 5’s anti-twist and anti-rollover protection.

Overall ,The NBA  stars has a signature shoe with a low-profile design, rather than a subsequent “Low” form of casual style, Stephen Curry is not the first, we hope that the  curry shoes will be better in near future.

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Review :Whats Difference Between Westbrook low and Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 /10 and Nike Hypedunk X 2018 ?

I bought some basketball shoes recently year, though there are have been a lot of  new sneakers at present .Here are Westbrook low and Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 /10 and Nike Hypedunk X 2018 , all of theses shoes have a different performance and special design.

We will look at what the different for all of these shoes today .


Russell Westbrook has cemented himself as the Jordan Brand’s top signature athlete. To boot, he has one of the most affordable lines of signature sneakers on the market .For me ,I like this kind of shoes very much . Ten years ago, Nike unveiled the first-ever Hyperdunk basketball shoe, utilizing the global stage of the Beijing Olympics to feature the innovative silhouette on Kobe Bryant. Since then, the Hyperdunk has been regarded as one of Nike’s most significant chapters of their storied Basketball heritage, and later this Summer the tenth iteration of this performance hoops shoe will finally hit stores. While dropping just like the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 was the sneaker of LeBron

There are different type of shoes  and different stories , but we are looking at it .

For the first ,we will check the look ,Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 and Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 seems a little similar ,but the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 just different for the look , we can see the all of  designer for the appearance . The Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 will be higher of  the heel part ,and the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9  just had the design of fabric ,it seems have been not any protection ,but the Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 just used the strap to lockdown the feet .that is amazing .


This time, the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11  is a perfect place to do the toughness of the upper. It reached the same height as Nike LeBron Ambassador, and at the same time it was more comfortable than the make-up. In the picture, I used the same force to press the upper.

From the result , we can see the Nike LeBron Ambassador will be better when the force coming , the Nike LeBron Ambassador will be protection the feet well .

Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 =Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 >Westbrook low>Nike Hypedunk X 2018

Anti-rollover is a comprehensive indicator, many factors will affect the anti-rollover effect, and even related to the human foot style. also it is important part for the basketball .Again, since there is no actual combat, here is just a simple comparison.

I have to once again praise the anti-rolls of the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 and 10.
I think the Nike LeBron Ambassador was amazing for the anti-rolls. through the embossed anti-rollover design shoes, the Nike LeBron Ambassador  9 and Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 are the coolest and most effective. I have really protected me many times.(The worst is the Hypedunk 2015. It is thin and soft, but it makes me roll over several times, but not as good as it does.)


It is not difficult to find that the design of the anti-rollover part ,the Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 have been not good as the Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 .Nike LeBron Ambassador 11  just made the soles wider, not as exaggerated as the  Nike LeBron Ambassador  9, Nike LeBron Ambassador 10, nor as much as the  Westbrook low wide. However, its anti-rollover design is better than Nike Hypedunk X 2018. The anti-rollover ofNike Hypedunk X 2018 has the same problem as Nike Hypedunk X 2015, which is too soft.So the ranking of the anti-rollover  design as below :

Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 = Nike LeBron Ambassador 10 >  Westbrook low> EnNike LeBron Ambassador> Nike Hypedunk X 2018



The position of my finger in the picture is exactly the joint between the outer bread surface and the shoe body. It is very thick and firm, which is equivalent to a good reinforcement of the shoe body, which will further lock the foot and reduce the foot  when we moving.

For the design of Nike shoes in these shoes , I think the Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 will the best one shoes I like it .

Here are some reason as below :

1) Jumpman Hustle’s design does not perfect fit for who people with high backs, even if your instep is not as high as me, the zipper is difficult to pull.

2)Westbrook low 1 is a fully enclosed surface for the part of  upper, it is  very difficult to trying fasten the laces on the front end of the sneaker.
I think the  most torture thing is  tie the shoelaces. It is often take  a 10 minutes to adjustment the shoelace

3) Although Ultra Fly 3 is not on the foot, it is also a fully enclosed package. It is similar to the Westbrook 1 . Secondly, from the feedback of foreign users,Ultra Fly 3 is the same as Ultra Fly  2. It is very narrow and very narrow .


The design of the LeBron Ambassador  11 is much better. Although it is not so good, it is still a little difficult to tie the first few shoelaces, but it is much better than Westbrook low 1 .

Let’s talk about the shoelaces again .The shoelace system of the Nike LeBron Ambassador  11 must be better . Although there has been not the Flyknite  design (not visually), the shoelace can still make the shoe body tightly wrapped.And the distribution of the lace holes is more reasonable.

Overall ,The Nike Hyperdunk X 2018  features several familiar design and functional cues from previous models such as Zoom Air cushioning in the heel and forefoot, a lightweight mesh upper, inner bootie, and a high peak at the ankle for protection.  it is must great .

The Nike LeBron Ambassador 9  uses a smaller rectangular Zoom Air bag. The forefoot Zoom Air bag is slightly bigger along the forefoot, so those that plant heavily on the ball of their feet will definitely will feel the cushion.

Then the midsole that rests between the bottom of your foot and the top of the Zoom unit is very thin. This is likely why you can actually feel the Zoom bounce back while in motion .Maybe this is  best part of  Westbrook 1 low that  I love .

For the overall performance , I like the Nike LeBron Ambassador  better. The material and cushioning setting was the best amazing , also the traction also great.

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An Exclusive Close Look At Air Jordan XX Flyknit

In an effort to keep the Air Jordan line as modern as possible, Jordan Brand has taken to outfitting certain retros in Flyknit.After starring in multiple rag and bone campaigns over the years, Carmelo Anthony has officially teamed up with brand Co-Founder and CEO Marcus Wainwright on the latest Air Jordan XX.

So what is look like ? we will checking it today .

For  the box ,it is really specially and cool.

Two colorways have surfaced of the upcoming release. One features a black upper with minimal gold accents and a gum bottom, while the other opts for an olive green upper with bright orange hits reminiscent of the highly-coveted “UNDFTD” Air Jordan 4. But I got the all black one ,so lucky am I .

The most special is the midfoot strap design ,it has been  no longer features its signature lasered graphics, but is now simply a solid-colored leather with a singular velcro patch on one side.

There are another design –large pull tabs on the tongue and heel have also been added. The midsole and outsole remain identical. Also worth noting is Carmelo Anthony’s “Melo” branding hit each insole. It is currently unclear, but it could indicate that both of these pairs will be special releases tied to the Houston Rockets forward.So that is amazing change since last model ,also we can see the special look will be popular since different model.

For the supporting , it is really different compare with different models.Unlike the OG, the Flyknit version features a high-cut ankle collar that eliminates the window usually present on the Air Jordan 20. The leather of heel part is special and ,it is surrounding from the front with the heel collar .For me , I just think that this part is special but it has been any help of supporting if we playing basketball.But it can  help us lockdown the feet.

We can see the details of the picture .

For the material :it  used  the Flyknit again. A material made up of strong yet lightweight strands of yarn that have been woven
into a one-piece upper, securing an athlete’s foot to the shoe platform.and this kind of material will be lightweight. also the ventilation is amazing.


As expected, these Flyknit-equipped Air Jordan 20s are a collaboration with NBA veteran Carmelo Anthony. Not only that, they’re also a joint project with fashion brand Rag & Bone.

The model of the shoe (Air Jordan 20) and Jordan’s number.


it’s a dual-density cushion setup that acts like a piston when in motion.

Here is the picture on the foot ,it is look cool .

Overall,  They’re pretty cool if the cushion hasn’t been butchered. Looks better than the original. Maybe the straps can keep this functional.The Air Jordan XX Flyknit  actually really comfortable.that is amazing .

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Whats Difference Between adidas Prime LTD and Ultra Boost

The adidas adizero Prime LTD is essentially an adizero Adios Boost 3 with a primeknit upper. This means you get a responsive boost midsole and a proven race chassis that provides ultimate responsiveness with a smooth ride. But compare with the Ultra Boost ,it is similar with Ultra Boost 3. 0 and Ultra Boost4.0. Whatever the material or the look .

We will check the difference between of two pair of shoes today


For the Ultra Boost ,whatever the Ultra Boost 3.0 or Ultra Boost 4.0, The look of theses shoes actually don’t like the Ultra Boost 1.0,and for the feeling of wearing , actually I am a little disappointed .Then I bought a new shoes adidas Prime LTD, that is give me a nice feeling of ride.Adizero prime ltd, when the shoes just released, I remember that the online sales are very small, the basics of the goods are all purchased from overseas, the price is also expensive, also there are a lot of colorways.

For material :

The material is comfortable.The right shoe sports an orange piece of rubber at the heel of the outsole while the left features a green piece of rubber in the same place. The orange in the Primeknit upper is more dominant in the left shoe (with the green piece of rubber at the heel) .The prime knit upper is a stretchy knit sock, and it fits snugly. The green in the Primeknit upper is seen more throughout the upper of the right shoe.When I was running the knit upper stretches and holds your foot well over the midsole. The heel counter and ankle collar are exceptionally comfortable.

For cushioning:

The cushioning followed the Boost , The feeling is almost the same with Ultra Boost. As we know ,we can felt a great feeling of Boost,especially for running .I was pleased with the way the small amount of BOOST provided enough protection and cushion. At 8.45 oz. for a size 10.5, it is easy to pick up the pace in Parley, it was also fun.I am running in the country road that with more sand and stone, I can felt a lot of the feedback and responsive.I was hurt my ankle before ,but it was comfortable at slower paces and felt good enough that I started testing my turnover. I was confident in the shoes and finally was able to push the pace.




The upper is full of woven material, the three bars on the side are printed, so it look a bit like a pair of socks, the woven feel of the upper is very similar to that of Ultra Boost  the feeling of elasticity, compared to the stiff woven shoes of zoom all out Face, The woven upper of adidas will come more closely, and more comfort.

When I was purchasing, I saw that it was a fully woven upper, and I was worried that it would be as special as the previous running shoes of the Nike. When I got it, I found that it is surprise for the woven upper.It is will lockdown the  feet well.And the ankle of shoes ,it  is look like the Nike Flyknit running shoes . However  it is will be comfortable, and it is convenient.



The outsole is more conventional adidas running shoes. The outsole is made of horse brand rubber and adiwear wear-resistant technology. Personally I feel that these two technologies have useless  on the outsole of this shoe, and the outsole rubber is very thin, but it is comfortable. The durability of these shoes may be a potential problem.The midfoot uses the conventional torsion system torsion technology, the area is not small, it is trustworthy.

The actual feeling  between the Ultra Boost and adidas Prime LTD is that much tighter than Zero. The specific reason is that there is a TPU on the side of the Ultra Boost. The tightening of the shoelace plays a role. The second is the thicker lining of the heel of the shoe. The heel will have a little sponge lining, in addition to a separate woven upper. The feeling of the two pairs of shoes in the forefoot and the vamp are similar. It is not difficult to see the reason of the upper. The toe of the two pairs of shoes is the same design, they surrounded by a circle. It is a relatively dense weave, and the middle is a relatively sparse weave, so it is almost identical in terms of wearing the foot.

For the cushioning, in a word, Ultra Boost 1.0 ,it is finished Adizero, because Ultra boost 1.0 is really cool, even better the Ultra boost , I have been wearing it for 3 years, almost it has been no attenuation, the cushioning has still very soft and responsive .

Ultra boost also have a great experience of the cushioning .It make you feel that this layer of boost also holds your foot, and then will push your foot up (I have no feeling of  2.0 and 3.0 such that )



The boost of Ultra Boost are different , the Ultra Boost will be more thick. Everyone knows that the Ultra Boost bottom has two layers boost (at least it looks like two layers). The lower layer has a lateral stripe road, and the upper layer is bare and it has been no grain, zero. The same is true, it is also two layers of bottom , but the layer with no grain on the zero is thinner than the Ultra Boost. And the layer with the grain should look almost thick.


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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review


In this season, Kyrie Irving not only has the new shoes Kyrie 4, Nike also created a new series called “Kyrie Flytrap”, which immediately released, in addition to Irving’s charming. There is also a huge advantage that makes it stand out among the many shoes.

We will check the performance for this shoes today.


For the traction:

The Kyrie Flytrap outsole style is very similar with the Kyrie 4 design, and it looks like a wave,  a similar “lightning” pattern. However, the Kyrie Flytrap is not as dense and multi-directional as the 4th generation on the grain, so it is also reflected in the measured results.

The Kyrie have a great gripping, and the newKyrie Flytrap has also followed the  tradition. Although it has not reached the high standards of several “predecessors”, the performance cannot be ignored. Kyrie Flytrap’s forward and backward and left and right impulsive can meet the test requirements, but occasionally a few times in a sudden emergency stop, there will be a “small distance” after sliding, a foot is completely no problem.

Kyrie Flytrap performs very well on sticky sand. The large gap between the outer and outer lines is not easy to get stuck in stone or sand, and the difference in grip between indoor and outdoor types


For the cushioning:

The Kyrie Flytrap midsole with the front foot Zoom Air and the full-foot Phylon midsole is almost standard on Nike’s affordable shoes. Although it is called the Forefoot Zoom Air, the actual area is only a Hex Zoom Air with a slightly larger outsole opening position.


It is almost impossible to feel the presence of Zoom Air when we playing. In addition to the known air cushion area. The full-length Phylon foam midsole is a great surprise for Kyrie Flytrap. The overall density adjustment is appropriate, and there has been not stiff  feelings like Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3. In addition, the hind foot has a “concave” design in the middle and outsole, which is very similar to  the Air Jordan XX9 for the unequipped rear foot Zoom Air.


For the responsive :

The Kyrie Flytrap midsole is mainly composed of Phylon, and the thickness is moderate. Both the hardness of the midsole and the feel of the foot are amazing


For the material :

The upper is made of soft and textured mesh  fit the feet well, and I have to strongly appreciate that this material , it is do a great job when you paying , the soft and fitting to my feet are amazing .On many courts, the action of the forefoot (curving toe) is not “stuck” by the upper of the new shoe. In addition, a layer of elastic-like material is used in the position of the second lace hole. Because Kyrie Flytrap does not use Flywire technology, this design can effectively strengthen the middle section of the shoe.



Kyrie Flytrap also has a special “Burrito tongue” design, which features a fixed inner side of the tongue but an unfixed outer side. It covers the instep and ankle in a “roll” manner and is named after a burritos. However, because the tongue of the test color is made of artificial leather, the tongue is not tightly attached to the ankle.

For the supporting , it is not great anyway .

because of  the mesh upper is soft.we can not got the more supporting from the material.Although a small gray square coating is added on the outside of the upper, only the decorative effect does not enhance the strength of the shoe. The overall  support is not significant. Kyrie Flytrap can easily fold the shoes back and forth together. It is inferred that the midsole should be no TPU stabilizer or very small.

For the weight, actually it lightweight .The size of US 9 has a weight of 329 grams on one pair of shoes. In addition to the  lightweight mesh of the upper material , also the midsole does not add too much cushioning configuration, which makes the Kyrie Flytrap  light weight.

Overall, it is a cheap but the performance is great , it is worth the price ,the quality also amazing ,and the cushioning is nice too.

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Nike Lebron 16 Oreo Performance Review

The Nike LeBron 16 is the sixteenth signature shoe by Nike for LeBron James. And this one will be his new shoe in this season .


A new one LeBron 16  released, using the  midsole cushioning technology which the same as the last model . The tongue part was modified and optimized. At first look, this is  the biggest change of the 16th generation of James compared with the previous generation.But how about the performance review ?

We will check it today

This black with red color way has been eye-catching, embroidered James’s children’s name abbreviated <BBZ> on the left , and the hometown Akron’s area code <330>on the right, while the tongue and tongue embossed  the by Charity that James cooperate .The initials of LeBron’s three children embroidered on the left heel and “330”—the area code of Akron—can be seen on the right. These replace the large lion head that has been seen on previous pairs.



The rest part ,such as the  signature  of James and the 23rd number were also appeared on the tongue. This LeBron 16  has been popular  At first ,I felt that it still  a little stiff of the traction just like the LeBron 15 .The thick midsole cushions bring a good cushioning while at the same time, for some light weight who like the more responsive maybe not like this one as usually . The three air chambers cover  which more feedback . The cushioning of these shoes is quite great. The feedback of the rebound has been the reason that customers like . It can be said that this technology that has been used continuously for 2 years is a double-edged sword. Full of personality also requires the wearer to adapt.



For the traction :

The LeBron 16 features a  wavy design with a simple structure and a frictional mid-level. But this time, the anti-rollover function of the sneakers has been strengthened. The expansion of the forefoot outsole has increased compared with the previous generation. The feeling in actual combat is amazing. It kinda even reminds me of those indoor soccer boots’ outsoles.

Now talking about those dirty courts, you wanna watch out for those dust by wiping your outsoles periodically to keep that solid bite alive. And you really don’t need to step your wiping game up. but the translucent traction actually not  easy to keep clean.


For the wrapping , The new tongue design will be help a lot .Compared with the last model–Lebron 15 , the leather material has been improved, which has increased the texture of the shoes.Across the whole shoe‘s upper, there‘re four different BattleKnit sections that do different tasks. Let‘s start from the toe box. There we do have this more traditional looking knit, yet it‘s way more structured to surely hold up toe drags.But we can feel more comfortable for this kind of material.

At the same time, It is currently a new integrated solution for tongue and upper. The upper kart of the upper uses a kind of knit material . The toe protection is even better. The flat laces also make it easy to fasten the shoes. However, the replacement of the laces of the LeBron  16 is basically not feasible.



The battleknit material  seem stiff. Plus the nylon inner boot, the insertion of the lace hole  will be difficult to through .



For cushioning :

It is used the ZOOM Air & MAX Air mesh up together with pretty thick Phylon layer on top to keep all this AIR madness controlled. it just followed the LeBron 15  setting.And of course, this particular setup alone from a construction stamp point, reminds me of the KD 9’s articulated ZOOM Air tooling.

In terms of anti-torsion, it is definitely better than the previous generation. But compared to other sneakers, because of the higher midsole height, it is prone to complete the action, the two sides of the function is very prominent, it is optimized in terms of protection.

Overall, as the new generation of  Lebrun 16 ,it is new and more color ways . After our actual combat evaluation, it has optimized the shortcomings of the previous generation, but the same outsole frame makes it a 15.5-style modified sneaker, and the advantages and disadvantages of the sneakers are also obviously outstanding. The shock plus the upper support is a plus item, and the relative sense of the field and the sensitivity of the midsole drag it back. If you buy 15 generations and like its cushioning or foot feel, then these 16 generations will definitely make you like, and if you have more pursuits of breakthrough speed and change, then these shoes may not be suitable

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Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch Performance Review

The Air Max 270 is characterised by that robust and chunky Air Unit which comes planted in the heel. So what’s not to love about the Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch? This bold and vibrant silhouette brings some serious curb appeal to the streets.

So we will check it today .

I’ve been eyeing the Nike Air Max 270 ever since it was first teased and announced online by Nike. The massive Air Unit at the back was the biggest come-on and it now already popular in the street .

For this sneakers , you will s see that the bubble is pink-red and turns into a very dark orange at the heel. that is the bright design .

The styling looks great and it’s always refreshing when there are new silhouettes released by big brands as it gives you a new dynamic for a look. These are pretty bold to style and look great with jogging bottoms or sweat pants and I think I’ll be mostly wearing them in a relaxed environment or down at the gym.

For the material ,the upper is made of a very light and breathable mesh.The upper is an interesting mix of engineered meshes and fuse, and new “Air” branding is flaunted all over the silhouette. When trying on we were slightly surprised at the fit. At first glance, the shoe looks rather heavy as far as the entry is concerned, but it was easier than expected. I like this one ,I can feel that the comfortable and soft for this shoes , also it has the great court feeling when running, maybe the midsole is amazing.  The upper immediately clings to the foot and sits comfortably , so you do not slip in the shoe back and forth, which is definitely positive, even for jerky movements. In the first variants, the upper is always kept tonal, even the swoosh. Also positive is the heel, this is very good and better padded than it is otherwise the case and the shoe is so very comfortable to wear.

A mini Swoosh sits across the sidewall and Air Max 270 branding is embossed to the tongue. Not only eye-catching but unbelievably comfortable, fans of the Air Max are going to appreciate this all new silhouette. It’s a brand new silhouette from Nike, in which case, of course, the sizing, material, and workmanship are always amazing. That’s why we grabbed the part and put it on the road for you, please check the picture as below :

Combining the one-piece tongue design with the slightly asymmetrical lacing system, stability may not be an issue.

For the traction : It used the  great rubber pods and flex grooves, the fist feeling that what I playing is comfortable  and I can feel the bounce .also the traction pattern not only  flexibility but soft .

For the cushioning: Do you want to get the feeling as if you are walking on air? The shoe makes it possible.What stands out immediately is the size of the air bubble at the back of the shoe, its big and its bold and brightly coloured – there’s no mistaking it’s silhouette.The huge Air cushion is in this case not only an eye-catcher but offers high wearing comfort. Nike brings with the Air Max 270 in any case a good everyday alternative at the start. The biggest worry I actually had with the black soles and the passages to the air cushion regarding the processing and adhesive residues. Especially on black, such places are very ugly and let the shoe very quickly look cheap and cheap.

For the supporting , I can not feel a lot , but the air bags is comfortable and bounce .In this shoe, Nike has used the tallest Air Unit in history, its height is 32 mm. Its main goal is to provide the best cushioning ever. This massive U-shaped Air Max unit is seamlessly integrated with the transparent plastic heel counter 

The sole is responsive and grippy, the upper is stretchy and breathable thanks to the perforations.

The Air unit is flexible and cushy, and the heel counter adds stability.

There is a newly designed “air” logo and the heel cup matches the Air Unit. As for the outsole, it features rubber pods and they give good traction. Besides, EVA foam improves cushioning and flex grooves enhance flexibility.

For the fitting : Probably something with mesh and half size was up in the back of my mind and that was the right decision. The upper material is a bit thicker and therefore more durable, this is reflected in the case in size again, a half size up is therefore advisable.

Overall, Nike Air Max 270 provides superior comfort thanks to a soft removable insole, a breathable and stretchy upper, a dual-density midsole, a stable heel counter and an incredible Air Unit that offers superior cushioning.