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Air Jordan 11 CONCORD Performance

Air Jordan 11 was designed by Tinker Hatfield. The initial inspiration comes from hay mower.Air Jordan 11 should be Jordan’s favorite shoes in all of Jordan’s main generation series. The match color of CONCORD is also Jordan’s favorite colors. Jordan has weared CONCORD sneakers in many occasions.

CONCORD has been emulated two times, that was in 2000 and 2011. Seven years later,Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is emulated once again. The new CONCORD used the original shoebox of 23 years ago.

We can see CONCORD’s large area of black patent leather after opening the shoe box. The black and white are easy matching colors.

The white part of heelpiece also use leather substance. The black logo of flying man and NO. 45 on heelpiece is the same as the sneaker that Jordan weared when he returned. It’s also one of the biggest selling points of ,Air Jordan 11 CONCORD.

The outsole still use the most classic crystal outsole. The large area of blue block rubber matches well with the whole crystal outsole.

Whether on 1995 or this year, the deisgn of Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is beyond time and space.

After lacing the shoe laces, we can feel that the feet are wrapped well by the vamp and shoe body.The thick lining of Air Jordan 11 with patent leather has good wrapping performance. But the breathability is not good. It’s suitable for winter.

We can feel the cushion of air sole in the midsole obviously. Although it can’t compare with the super cushion technology of other actual combat sneakers, but it’s enough for everyday wearing. The midsole adds the material of EVA, so that it’s easy to have crease. It’s a defect of all of Air Jordan 11.

The Air Joran 11 is with crystal outsole, so it’s one of the most wearable sneakers in all of Jordan generations. But the defect is, the crystal outsole is easy to be oxydic and yellowing.

Anyway, Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is a pair of sneaker with fashion, sport and feeling. It’s very worthy to purchase it after comparing with other sneakers this year.

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NIKE ZOOM SHIFT 2 Performance Review

NIKE ZOOM SHIFT was launched last year. Whether the price or actual combat performance, it’s a pair of sneaker which is suitable for actual combat. It launches the 2nd generation this year. Comparing with 1st generation, it changes a little in appearance.

   Appearance:7/10 scores
In appearance, ZOOM SHIFT 2 keep the same design of shoe body as previous generation. But it adds a layer of fabric texture on the vamp, which makes the appearance of vamp to be more concise.
Front View: The orange SWOOSH logo on vamp and NIKE logo on shoe cuff is obvious on the white shoes.

Side View: On the outside part of ankle, we can see clearly that the fabric texture is covering vamp.

Rear View: The dilated orange webbing on the the rear side is more convenient when wearing.
Comfort Level:7/10 scores   
The integrative shoe body design of ZOOM SHIFT 2 is not suitable for the people with high instep. As the shoe cuff is inelastic. It won’t be easy for the people with high instep to wear it in the first time. But after wearing several times, it will be easier. The size and shoe tree is normal.

Support and Wrapping Performance:8/10 scores   
The vamp of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses fabric texture with integrative shoe body design. The support and wrapping performance won’t be bad. It can satisfy kinds of moving requirements on the basketball field. There is Flywire design on the shoe laces. It will improve the wrapping feeling after fastening the shoe laces tightly.

The fabric texture is commonly used on the vamp of sneakers. The vamp with fabric texture can satisfy the request of breakthrough and sudden stop on actual combat. The midsole of ZOOM SHIFT 2 still has a support plate. So we don’t need to worry about the anti-torsion.

It’s a pity that the outside of forefoot doesn’t has the design to prevent the side to roll over. The players may feel not surefooted.
When simulating the process of break though, the sneaker is just deformed a little. That means, the vamp can offer good support when playing.
Traction & Abrasion Performance: 7.5/10
ZOOM SHIFT 2 as a low shoes, its target population is defender and forward.
We evaluated this sneaker in plastic out-field. We felt that ZOOM SHIFT 2 is a little slipping. But generally, the traction of this sneaker is good. The traction should be better on covered court or clean out-field.

The finely-divided grain on outsole extends to the lateral surface of midsole. It will increase the traction when drastically turning.

The outsole of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses XDR rubber. We haven’t found obvious wear track after twice actual combat. But we still don’t suggest you to wear it on cement ground. The abrasive resistance of finely-divided grain won’t be very well on cement ground.

Cushion:7/10 scores
According to previous tradition, the configuration of front and rear generations doesn’t has big difference on mid-end sneakers. From the wearing experience, we think that the ZOOM SHIFT 2 should keep the same configuration of midsole as 1st generation.

As the air cushion of forefoot is near to the position of shoe-pad. We can feel the sense of springback.The heelpiece use foam material. It also has the soft elasticity. So it has the buffer action when falling to the ground.
Overall Appraisal:7.3/10 scores
The appearance of ZOOM SHIFT 2 uses integrative shoebody with fabric covering design. The appearance is succinct. It’s suitable to both playing and daily wear. The finely-divided grains and XDR rubber outsole can satisfy the players’ daily needs.
Generally, the low type of ZOOM SHIFT 2 can keep the flexibility, and you can feel good sense of springback from the cushion of forefoot. It’s suitable for both defender and forward.

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Nike Ambassador X Performance Review

The sneaker series of LeBron is more plentiful than other basketball stars, which include Soldier, Witness, low shoes and Ambassador etc. Ambassador is one of the outstanding series.

Nike Ambassador X is similar to Ambassador 9 in shape. Almost shape of outsole and similar shoes’ design let us hard to distinguish these two pairs of shoes. But whether it’s the new configuration of all-in-one inner sleeve or the special lacing design that become the new selling points of this shoes.

Advantage: Excellent protection and wrapping performance
The new configuration of all-in-one inner sleeve becomes the biggest selling point.

To make the appearance difference of 9th generation and 10th generation is extensional all-in-one inner sleeve. The foot is tight wrapped by independent all-in-one inner sleeve, which can also improve the stability of the sneaker.If you prefer to wear a wider shoes, you can choose half-size bigger.

Meanwhile, the excellent support make Ambassador X’s protection exceed other sneakers in the price level. The stiff hot-melt vamp on forefoot is thick. The heelpiece which is similar to PG1 also can assure the support of this sneaker.

Surprisingly, the TPU in the midsole of Ambassador X is completely can’t be twisted. As the supporting TPU (only the outside part) almost traverse the midsole, and the good thickness and stiffness make the anti-torsion of this sneaker to be excellent.

Defection: The cushion is more suitable for light weight players, and the buckle fastener is not useful.

One lightspot of Ambassador X is the buckle fastener on midfoot. We wish that it can be supportive like Kyrie 2’s velcro shoelaces. It’s regrettable that it is not useful.
The buckle fastener are not very useful for the players with thinner feet and shorter instep, as the ductility of buckle fastener is too good. Here the main function of the shoelaces is for fastening the shoelaces to avoid the shoelaces to be loosed when playing.

Good cushion, but not enough…
We haven’t felt very good cushion on forefoot. And the feeling of cushion on heelpiece is ordinary. Moreover, the midsole is not thick enough. The cushion performance will not be very good when playing on concrete floor.

Ambassador X may not be suitable for the players with heavy weight. But it’s suitable for the light weight players and break-though defenders.

Generally, comparing with Ambassador 9, the advantage of Ambassador X is almost on the shoe body. Whether the outstanding wrapping performance of inner sleeve on whole foot, or the strong protection and support of shoe body. The advantages help this sneaker to have a foothold in the actual combat market. But the allocation of cushion performance is the biggest disadvantage of restricting the buyers, which become one of soft spot of Ambassador X.
We recommend this sneaker to the linebackers who prefer to heavier low sneakers.

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Nike Hyperdunk X Performance Review

In the twinkling of an eye, Hyperdunk series is already in the 10th year. From 1st generation, Hyperdunk’s each generation sneakers are named by the year. For memory the 10th anniversary, Hyperdunk isn’t named by year, but named by Hyperdrunk X. Ten years is a cycle, if Hyperdunk 2008 is the begining of dream, then Hyperdunk X is a new start for this series.

In appearance, Hyperdunk X continues the greatest feature of this series of sneakers, that is the smooth shape. No matter high shoes or low shoes, normal type or high grade type, Hyperdrunk series won’t let you feel swollen. We can feel that the designer pay high attention to Hyperdrunk X on the details. There is X word on the shoe tongueand 10 round holes in the midsole.

Hyperdrunk X make different designs on the midsole, comparing with Hyperdrun 2017. Swoosh Logo is put in the plastic plate of midsole. And the ink splashing design on the midsole also makes this black and white shoes not be too monotonous.

The vamp is composed by textile fabric and combined fabric. The hot-melt texture on the shoe head is small. That improves the comfort level. But to some extent, it also effect the protectiveness. The filler on the shoe sides is not very thick, but it’s enough. The filler has horizontal strip pattern. The TPU support plate is in the inside of heelpiece. The leather material is sewn on the outside and engraved with HD.

The two windows on the outsole make the Zoom Air cushion to be visible, which is similar to Hyperdunk 2016. The ripple design improves the traction performance, while XDR further improves the wear-resisting property of the sneaker. Overall, the Hyperdunk X has many details.

Wrapping & Supporting Performance
The Hyperdunk X still have the good wrapping performance as previous series. Although the vamp is not as thick as previous generation.But it fit well with the foot. The anckle and heelpiece is also very stable.The vamp is not thick, and the limited hot-melting material can’t protect the toes well. However,the heel is supported well by a large area of TPU plate.Although Hyperdunk X is a pair of high shoes, but it’s light, the single weight is about 356g. You won’t feel the sense of weight bearing in actual playing.

Hyperdrunk X doesn’t use the React cushion technology which is developed last year. Hyperdrunk X use Zoom air cushion in midsole.You will feel the obvious feedback from cushion.The separated cushion design can alleviate the falling impact, and provide the starting power. For the sense of foot, Hyperdunk X is better than last generation.

In slippery covered court, the traction of Hyperdunk X is good.Altough the ripple grains of outsole can give the feedback of force of friction to the players on various area.

Anti-torsion of midsole:
There is a big area of rubber and plastic paster on the right side of Swoosh logo, With the TPU supporting plate, the stable construction of midsole can help the anti-torsion of the sneakers.The sneaker doesn’t have obvious deformation in actual playing.

Gen erally,Hyperdunk X continues advantages of this series, like good wrapping performance and great cushion performance.But the thin vamp reduce the protection.Anyway, the cost performance of Hyperdrunk X is good for its price.

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Nike LeBron 15 Performance Review

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Nike LeBron XV use new designed knitted vamp with Flywire and three-fourths Zoom & Max cushion. This pair of “Ashes” color blending shoes use XDR rubber outsole, comparing with the crystal color blending outsole, its durability is stronger and more suitable for outfield.

The vamp includes three parts. The bottom part is for adding the stabilization of heelpiece and side of shoes. The knitted vamp and lining is thick. The center section is in charge of forefoot protection and the linkage of upper and bottom vamp. So the vampe of forefoot is stiff. The upper vamp match with rubber string, so that the shoes are easy to wear.

The TPU on the heelpiece is not high. But it assure the stabilization of heelpiece. And the thickness and stiffness of midsole is just right.

The most expectant cushion of midsole use ZOOM with MAX cushion. And the thickness is the best one. The same part with LeBron X is, the heelpiece cushion has AIR MAX. It assures the stabilization when falling to the ground.

The three air chambers of cushion is not connected. The outsole is composed of “Crocodile Scales” and classic Lion logo.

Traction: 7.5 scores
Although the traction is enough in the outfield. But the material of XDR is ordinary. You will feel that the sneakers is a little sliding when starting and urgently stopping on side direction.

Comparing Hyperdunk 2017 with Air Jordan 32, the material of Hyperdunk is better. And the material of LeBron XV is better than Air Jordan 32.

Anti-friction : 8 scores
After 12 hours’ playing and 4 hours’ everyday dressing, LeBorn XV doesn’t have obviously abrade. And the thickness and stiffiness of “tine” in the outsole also improve the anti-friction.

Cushion: 10 scores
The cushion is perfect due to the thick air cushion. In fact, the performance of Nike LeBron XV is softer than other sneakers. But the speed of starting response is not fast due to the soft cushion.

Anti-torsion:8.5 scores
Generally speaking, the anti-torsion is good for full cushion of whole outsole. The anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is not bad, but the jointed parts of the three air chambers is too thin, it’s not better than the full cushion of whole outsole. Even so, the anti-torsion of LeBorn XV is above average.
Support: 8.5 scores
The vamp it better than normal Flyknit knitted design. It uses rhombus corrugation to add the thickness of vamp. It uses thick Flywire and shoelaces to make the support of vamp is not bad than Air Jordan 32. Although LeBorn XV doesn’t use stiff material for the vamp. The support of vamp is still good.

Wrapping Performance:9 scores
The thick vamp and lining wrap well the heelpiece and arch. And the stiff vamp and good ductility improve the wrapping performance.

The difference with 13th and 14th generation is the good ductility of upper vamp. So the comfort of LeBorn is the best one of 5 generations. That’s why Leblanc said LeBorn is one of his favorite signature shoes.

Protection:7 scores
Although the support and wrapping performance is good, but the protection of the sneakers is not so good. Although the ankle socks’ type wrap well the ankle, but it doesn’t have good protective effect. We suggest the players who have old wound should wear the ankle pad.

Generally, although the bad ankle protection become the only deficiency of this pair of sneaker. But the new designed knitted vamp and the thickest air cushion makes Nike LeBorn XV to be the best sutural sneakers. This sneaker is suitable to the players whose weight is above-average and like breakthrough.

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Nike Zoom KD 4 Performance Review

The color matching code name is the 13th pair of KD4 series. It’s in honor of Durant’s manifestationon playoff as a member of Oklahoma Thunders in 2012.

As a pair of the series basketball shoes, this KD4 use this series exclusive black and gold shoebox, and with an additional donation of a gold paper commemorative plaque. And as a pair of sneaker 6 years ago, KD4 use a large area of Hyperfuse on the vamp, which can be said to be a representative of plastic shoes time.

The outside of instep use hot-melting fabric to increase the breathability and reduce the weight. The symbolic Adaptive Fit lace up of KD4 run through the whole instep.

This sneaker doesn’t have the configuration of inner sleeve. So the lace up has the function of increasing the wrapping performance.

KD4 use ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot. But the air cushion is not thick. So do this copy version.

As the Hyperfuse vamp is very stiff, ankle is easy to be stucked when wearing. We suggest to wear long socks for KD4.
As a pair of the series basketball shoes, there is a embroidery of number 16 with a slash on the inner shoe tongue of KD4. That means it is one of the 16 pairs.

The shoe-pad also use the black and gold collocation to follow the series’. As a pair of Durante signature shoes, this KD has many details to show it. The shoe-pad of left foot is and the right foot is 16 slash.

Durante’s number 35 on the shoe tongue use Oklahoma Thunders’s lightning design. And the hidden number 4 in the middle means that it’s the 4th generation sneaker.

The friction pattern of the shoe sole is dominated by lightning pattern. And there are many hidden number 4 to be small friction pattern. The heart pattern on the top of shoe head and word Barbara represents KD’s grandmother. Toney Man is for KD’s older brother. There is Durant’s signature in the middle of left and right shoe sole.
The position of outsole extending to heelpiece is printed with BIG CHUCKY. It’s in memory of KD’s first basketball coach.
Durante’s life motto WORK HARD & STAY FOCUSED is embossed in the inside of arches of foot. The letter symbol on the rear foot means his birth place.

Playing Performance:
As a pair of low shoe, the net weight of size 44 is about 390g for single one. The barycenter of this sneaker deflects to the shoe head.
KD4 has good performance for traction on wood floor. This sneaker hasn’t slipped when urgently stop and turn-back.

Adaptive Fir lace-up design not only make the instep and vamp plying-up, but also hide the laces.You don’t need to worry about the laces to be loosed. Due to the Hyperfuse material, the stiff shoe head has the protective effect.
So anti-torsion performance of KD4 is excellent.
KD4 use thin ZOOM air cushion on forefoot. And the material of midsole is stiff. The air cushion on forefoot is mainly for acceleration of starting,

Generally, KD4 is a pair of basketball culture shoes.

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Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

The appearance of NIKE FLYTRAP is similar to Kyrie 4, in both of the fully extended design on the side of outsole and the overall design of vamp. It looks like Owen 4th generation’s twin brother.

For the vamp material, NIKE FLYTRAP use inner and outer double fabric. The outside of vamp is mainly white, and it uses a big area of knitted fabric. The shoes head adds the hot-melt film to reinforce. The instep inner position adds a nylon elastic buckle fastener to make the vamp fit to the instep. It has Owen’s personal logo in the middle of inner boot. The heelpiece’s leatheroid has Owen’s uniform number.

The design of KYRIE FLYTRAP’s outsole also correspond to 4th generation. The forefoot has the crevice design like 4th generation. The friction pattern is also mosaic shading, but it’s V shape permutation. The design of midsole’s cushion is totally different with 4th generation.
Kyrie Flytrap only use a hexagon ZOOM air cushion on forefoot.

Wrapping & Supporting Performance:
First of all, let’s take a look at the wrap and support of FLYTRAP. As Flytrap use a thinner vamp than 4th generation, the wrapping and supporting performance is not better than 4th generation’s. When doing some big directional movements, the shoes head deforms obviously under the external force.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

It uses the roll type shoe tongue, the wrapping performance is above the average. The shoe tongue and collar cling the instep when changing directions. The space of forefoot is big, similar to Kyrie 4. It wraps well the ankle. This pair of shoes let feet feel freedom and also the stability.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

After reducing the padding and redesigning the shoes, the weight of FLYTRAP is reduced. The net weight of single shoe is only 350g. It has excellent weight control in the middle and low shoes’ field. It uses roll type shoe tongue design. But the buckling degree and adjustability of roll type shoe tongue is weaker than traditional shoe tongue. The adjustability of shoelaces is also not better than traditional shoe tongue.
Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

There is a small hexagon ZOOM Air below forefoot. It’s not suitable for heavy players. It’s more suitable to the players of ball control who run fastly.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

The Z type friction pattern on the midsole give great force of friction feedback to the players on all area of the outsole, so it has enough traction for changeable players.
Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Anti-torsion on midsole:
For anti-torsion part, although the thinner vamp of this FLYTRAP is not good, but the stable construction of midsole make it not be easy to be deformed. The TPU support in the midsole also assure the stiffness of the whole shoes.

Generally, as KYRIE 4’s “twins brother”, the shape of Kyrie Flytrap is casual and fashion. It wears comfortable. The material is durable. And the performance is above the average. Anyway, it’s a pair of cost-effective shoes.

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Nike Kobe A.D Series Performance Review

For the 3 pairs of Kobe AD series basketball shoes, KOBE AD MID, KOBE AD NXT 360 and EXODUS,
Which one is the best cost performance?

Let’s talk from Kobe AD MID, the vamp’s main fabric is chamois leather. It crosses the dynamic flywire in the inner side. And it has a layer of leatheroid to strengthen between the vamp and midsole.

Kobe AD NEXT 360 use flyknit nylon knitting technique on the whole vamp. The vamp is connected directly with midsole. And it uses different knitting tightness according to the different part of the basketball shoes. It realizes the integrated knitted structure.

The newly launched KOBE AD EXODUS vamp also use a large area of chamois leather, assisted by engineering mesh texture covering the forefoot, and a large area of stitching thread, which makes it look like a pair of casual shoes. The configuration of the vamp is the most special part of NXT 360. It will be a concept for designing future basketball shoes. But it’s a new technology, it doesn’t wrap the feet well. Vamp support is the worst of these three pairs of shoes.

After actual playing, the vamp was dragged to be loose. And it couldn’t be reversed.Once it’s stretched to be wide, it’s difficult to recover. But for the vamp wrapping, the chamois leather doesn’t have the problem of being stretched.And the chunky sponge on heel make KOBE AD MID to be better to give acting force to heel.For the configuration of midsole, KOBE AD MID is LUNARLON cushion on whole foot with Zoom air cushion on rear foot.It put a piece of carbon fiber anti-torsion plate in the middle of the arch.

KOBE AD NXT 360 use mixed foam cushion shoe-pad. The upper shoe-pad is LUNARLON, and the inner side is REACT foam. And there isa piece of transparent TPU anti-torsion plate on the bottom of shoe-pad. The midsole configuration of KOBE AD EXODUS is the most simple one of these three shoes.It only use a piece of Cage Zoom Air Cushion on the back sole.

It doesn’t have the anti-torsion plate on the midsole. But when actual playing,KOBE AD MID is better than KOBE NXT 360.KOBEADMID can protect the ankle better if stop urgently and change the directions.Although it’s not so flexible, comparing the easy crease of KOBE NXT 360’s vamp,KOBE AD MID won again.

The outsole performance:
KOBE AD MID is the earliest one to be on actual playing. And then Nxt 360and Exodus. So far, the outsole of NXT360 was abrased serious.It should due to the soft outsole material and the pattern design. So do Exodus, as it use the same design. The abrasion performance of KOBE AD MID outsole is excellent. But for traction performance, NXT 360 is the best one of these three shoes.

Although the design of NXT 360 is outstanding, the configuration of midsole is not good due to the immature technology.For these three pairs of shoes,KOBE AD MID is the cheapest one, But it’s the excellent one after comparing with NXT 360 and Exodus.

KOBE AD MID is not perfect. It’s difficult to care the chamois leather. And the vamp is easy to be abrased. And the shoe tongue is a little too thin.

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Nike Kyrie Low Performance Review

The basketball fans should know well Owen’s playing way. His main offensive weapon is elusory breakthrough. But in traditional impression, the breakthrough players normally choose low shoes of Korbe series, due to the light weight crural feeling and the freedom of heel. But the 4 pairs of signature shoes that NIKE provided to Owen are middle shoes. It mainly consider for improving the protection of heels.

Kyrie Low is the first pair of low shoes of main generation series. Like previous Kyrie SI Hybrid, this pair of low shoes is composed of the advantages of previous series.


Kyrie Low chooses the popular fabric and hot-melt vamp texture. And there is invisible crashworthy shoe head. The uplift of stabilizer on heelpiece is similar to Owen 1st generation. The most noticeable velcro also use the same design.



As a pair of main generation shoes, Kyrie Low’s details don’t showed many Owen’s elements. The show tongue and inner side have Owen’s exclusive logo.

Actual playing experience:
What about the cushion? We can see a design like two dart boards on the outsole. That’s just the two detached front and back ZOOM cushions. You will feel very comfortable cushion when wearing the shoes, due to adding the ZOOM cushions. The rear cushion can reduce the impact force when the feet drop down the ground.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

However, maybe due to the stiff Phylon midsole, I can’t feel dual-ZOOM cushions experience immediately when wearing the shoes. After a period of adjustment, it can be realized. It seems that I need to do some practices, then I can know its high quality cushion.

For the capacity of traction, the texture of outsole use independent separation of straight lines, and it arrays differently on the area where is easy to wear and tear. No matter how to change directions, stop urgently or start, it can provide stable traction from all directions. But it’s a problem for the abrasive resistance. The texture of independent separation and soft is easy to fall out when playing.

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Due to the stiff midsole, the torsion performance of the shoes is not excellent. But when wearing the shoes, you won’t feel stiffly. The flexibility of this shoes are still excellent.

As a pair of low shoes, the size of 42 Kyrie Low is about 360g. It’s light.

Although Kyrie Low use fabric vamp and mesh ventilated shoes tongue, I still feel stuffiness after a period of time of actual playing experience. It may due to the wrapping performance.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Wrapping performance should be the most outstanding advantage of this pair of Low shoes.The thick inner filling and the heel stabilizer warp the heel well. It doesn’t easy to slide. The design of lacing system and velcro refer to Owen 2nd generation. Comparing with the position of Owen 2nd generation’s velcro, Low’s velcro is under anklebone. The ankle won’t feel constraint.

By the cooperation of shoelaces and velcro, the midsole and forefoot are absolutely still even big movement. Although the design of velcro is perfect,  the shoelaces are still not very good like Owen 2nd generation.

Generally, this pair of Kayrie Low as the first pair of low shoes of the main generations, the overall design is simple and agile. This pair of basketball shoes combines many advantages of previous generations. The flexible and light advantages match well with the impression of low shoes. After actual playing, we can find that the front and back ZOOM cushion is better than the main generation shoes.

Comparing with the same price of shoes in the market, the cost performance of Kyrie Low is good. If you are looking for a pair of shoes with flexiblity and stable sense of feet, Kyrie Low will be a good choice for you.

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Nike Ultramax Performance Review

Air cushion is the soul of Nike. No matter how the technology changes, Air is always represent NIKE’s creative spirit. But Air is not changeless. To keep up with the times, it appears Max Air, Zoom Air and other patterns. From the new NIKE LeBron 16, we can see very strong Ultra Max.

Ultra Max is a combination of Max Air and Zoom Air. Tracing back to the beginning of the year 2010, Nike launched Zoom Air (Cage Zoom), with the purpose of enlarging the volume of Zoom Air when ensuring stability. Hereafter, the first time Nike used Max Air in whole sole on Lebron 7. And then it used visible Zoom in whole sole on Leborn 10.  Nike and LeBorn series are keeping on trying to improve the volume of air cushion.

Nike LeBron 7 – Max Air

Nike LeBron 10 – Visible Zoom


「Essential Breakthrough」

The 2017 Nike Air Vapor Max showed the fire-new shape based on Max Air. Although this technology still haven’t been used on the basketball shoes. But Vapor Max provided the essential breakthrough for the emergence of Ultra Max, such as the workmanship of new air cushion and the designing proposal of how to ensure the flexibility of such big air cushion.

Ultra Max has the structural features of Zoom Air and Max Air.  Its inner fiber pull wire and structure of air cushion are exactly the same as Zoom Air. So it has the flexibility and response speed of Zoom Air. Meanwhile, it is also Max Air. It has super volume of air cushion, not only the entirety, but also the volume of each air cushion is huge. It’s to ensure the flexibility. It’s undoubted the design thought of Vapor Max.

Nike Air VaporMax – VaporMax

Nike LeBron 16 – UltraMax

「Innovation Process」
On Nike LeBorn, We can see the innovation process from Max Air(LBJ 7)to Visible Zoom(LBJ 10),  and from the initial hexagon small air cushion Hex Zoom (LBJ 12) to present  big air cushion (LBJ15 & 16). Moreover, LeBorn series learned the lesson from KD series in the process of innovation. LeBorn use simple holder for the air cushion, instead of continuing to use the pipes to connect each air cushion. That chose the right way for the great experience of present Ultra Max.

Nike LeBron 12 – Hex Zoom

Nike LeBron 15 – UltraMax

「Choice of King」

NIKE KD 11 changed its technological configuration before NIKE LeBorn. It didn’t use the similar visible air cushion of whole feet, but choosing React.

NIKE interior should have put Ultra Max on a high position. They are supposed to keep on developing and improving it on Nike LeBorn for the future three years. In other words, this is the exclusive technologic choice of King James. Other product lines of basketball are disable to undertake such high price, and only can launch simple configuration styles.

In general, Ultra Max has excellent kick-back speed and top performance of cushion. The visual impact of the huge volume of air cushion is irreplaceable. Even so, the Ultra Max won’t stop innovating, maybe just improving some details. Nike and LeBorn James never stop on the way of innovation.