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adidas Marquee Boost Performance Review

When wearing Marquee Boost firstly, I meet the similar problem as Air Force Max, that is, there are too many the shoelaces holes on upper. You need times to adjust the shoelaces before and after wearing it. But the advantage is that the shoe body can lock well the foot. When taking off the shoes, you need to unfasten 2 to 3 layers of the shoelaces.

It has kinds of material on the shoebody. The vamp is made of Primeknit fabric material and other composite material. The boost on forefoot is the same as other other Adidas basketball shoes. It’s covered with TPU to increase the stability of the shoes.

But the whole material of the shoebody is soft. For the people who often do big movements when playing basketball, the support of the vamp is not very enough. It’s similar to the vamp of Kobe NXT 360.

But the design of outboard forefoot has great rollover prevention. The width of forefoot is moderated. And the knitted vamp of forefoot has elasticity. So the wrapping performance of forefoot is good. It’s not the best, but it can bring surprise to many people. The heelpiece of this high shoes has two tiers of different wrapping sense. Although the heelpiece part is full filled with the foam. But you will fell that there are two tier of wrapping above and below the red line. It’s tight below the red line, and it’s loose above the red line. It’s obvious.

But after two or three basketball games, the memory foam on heelpiece will fit well with your ankle, the layering sense will be weaken. In short, it’s a pair of shoes which need times to break-in. I’m satisfied at the wrapping after breaking-in.

Then I want to talk about the rollover prevention, it’s very great. The widen outsole with the covering edge design of the forefoot boost support well this pair of Marquee Boost. No matter playing internal line or exterior line, the support can satisfy your request. We’re satisfied at the stability of forefoot.

The performance of forefoot is great. That’s the advantage of Boost. The disadvantage is the heelpiece part. The cushion extremity is low, that is also the problem of Boost technology.

The outsole of Marquee Boost is herringbone design. As it rains a lot recently, the basketball field is wet, I slipped for a few times. It may due to the wet basketball field. In the same wet weather, Why Not Zer0.2 also sliped some times. For present position, we can’t offer a exact answer for the traction performance. When the weather get better, we’ll take this pair of Marquee Boost for testing the traction again.

After Adidas use boost, cushion is not need to be worried about. Comparing with Harden 2, which I usually wear, Marquee Boost is more softer. I feel that Marquee Boost is better than Harden 2. The thickness of forefoot is moderated.

Adidas Marquee Boost Colorway
Gray & Black colorway

Black & Red colorway


The Lakers’ Colorway

White & Gray Colorway

It seems that every 2018 Adidas sneaker is good, but the character of each sneaker is also similar, it also use the similar technology and there is no big difference on the price, so it’s hard for us to recommend the sneakers specific to you. But it’s also easier for you to choose the favorite shoes on the similar character and price.

Overall, Marquee Boost is a pair of casual basketball shoes. The appearance is retro and good looking. It’s suitable for both daily wearing and playing basketball. The wearing feeling of Marquee Boost is similar to EQT BOOST. The advantage of Marquee Boost is the great wrapping performance and ankle support, almost perfect insole cushion and stability. The disadvantage is, it’s a little troublesome to wear and take off the shoes, and the toes can’t be protected well by the soft vamp.

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Nike Air VaporMax 2019 Performance Review

Most of fans should still remember that the news of Nike VaporMax occupied the whole summer of 2017. As the first pair of pure air cushion suspending outsole sneaker, VaporMax get high attention. Comparing with the hot launched VaporMax, Nike Air VaporMax 2019 was launched in silence, it doesn’t have many publicity as VaporMax.

VaporMax 2019 use the same suspending outsole as VaporMax 2017. Although it’s still cool, but it can not longer to make people shocked when first sight. The difference of VaporMax 2019 with VaporMax 2017 is the vamp. It uses cicada’s wings composited material to replace Flyknit, and it adds TPU structural support on the heelpiece. To keep the same outsole as last generation and only upgrading the vamp, which seems to be the strategy of Nike’s high-end sneakers to update and upgrade.

Maybe Nike think that the outsole of last generation is perfect, not need to be upgraded. We’re not sure about the exact reason. Ok, let’s have a look at Nike Air VaporMax 2019 today.

Almost the same shoebox as last generation.

The logo on shoebox can change color according to different angle of light.

Today, we test the black and gold colorway sneaker. This colorway is presentable. It’s all-matching color.

The big air cushion under the setting sun presents a metallic texture, which is different from the glittering and translucent air cushion of the first generation.

When backlighting, it shows a sense of suspension. Just imaging that you wear it and standing on backlight, it would be very cool.

Although it’s not as shocked as last generation, but it can’t be denied that the most eye-catching one is the outsole.

It looks like a pair of football shoes from this side.

It still only have 5 rubber reinforcing parts which is the same as the air cushion outsole of last generation. The other places where touching with ground are plastic bumps that resemble the spikes.

It’s said that the air cushion is filled with inert gas.

It has gold shoe logo on the shoe tongue.

Comparing with VaporMax 2017, the most important improvement of VaporMax 2019 is that TPU support plate is added in the heelpiece, which reinforce the locking and support of heelpiece. You know, the heelpiece of last generation only has a thin layer of taped, which has a big hidden danger in strength.

(The support bar on the shoe body of VaporMax 2019)

(Flyknit on the shoe body of VaporMax 2017)
The vamp uses present popular cicada’s wings composited material. Under the cicada’s wings, there is a rubber strip construction which connecting with the shoelaces. It improves the wrapping performance and the lateral support.

The gold shoelaces head is pretty, but it’s not metal material.

Comparing with last generation, the vamp material of VaporMax 2019 is a little stiff. But the support of the vamp is better. The stitching part is covered with taped which reinforce the support and also protect the the stitch not be easy to be scratched.

Below, we’ll compare with VaporMax 2017 and test VaporMax 2019.

After tighting the shoelaces, I feel that the shoelaces is tighter than last generation. However, after returning to the design concept of performance-based sneakers, compared with the Flyknit of last generation, the vamp design is not so comfort. It is essential to wear socks.

The above picture of VaporMax 2017 was tested on the Summer of 2017. The air temperature was about 25℃ . Below picture of VaporMax 2019 was tested on the Winter of 2019, The air temperature was about 0℃. I feel that the air cushion in Summer is more full. But the air cushion in Winter is easier to be treaded down. So the temperature would effect the performance of air cushion.

As the air cushion is not put into the inside foam material, there is only a layer of shoe-pad between the foot and air cushion. If comparing with the traditional foam cushioned sneaker, it likes the difference between infinitely variable speeds and gears variable speed. For the people who haven’t weared VaporMax series before, it needs times for adapting. Of course, it’s very cool to wear it and walk on the street.

As VaporMax 2019 upgrade the vamp, when testing uphill and downhill, emergency stop, running and jumping etc., we find that it has great progress than last generation. The stability of heelpiece, lateral support and wrap are superior to last generation.

As it uses the same outsole as last generation, it also inherits the disadvantages of last generation. Firstly, the traction is not great. The rigid plastic toothed nails touch with the ground directly, it’s lack of the rubber suppleness and force of friction. In addition, the structure of the outsole is distributed in grooves, which is easy to get stuck with small stones or other small items on the road. If you go to the grassland or cobbled road, it’s better to change other shoes, otherwise, it will be quite embarrassing.

Overall Review of VaporMax2019:
It uses the same outsole as last generation, and it aimed at the problem of insufficient support and improved the vamp, which makes VaporMax 2019 keep the VaporMax series’cool appearance, and also improve a lot of the support and stability of heelpiece. Comparing with the reputable socks design of VaporMax 2017, VaporMax 2019 upgrade and make up the the disadvantage, it has promoted the wearing durability and working life. As is well-known, VaporMax series sneakers is regarded as popular sneakers. Most of people choose this sneaker for walking, not for running. Obviously, the comfort and wearing durability is more important. The gains and losses of the improved VaporMax 2019 also depends on the market.

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The Performance Review of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

Westbrook’s signature shoes have important position on Jordan brand. Today, we want to have a look at the performance of Why Not Zer0.2.

We find a workmanship flaw on this shoes. The ZOOM air cushion on the outsole of right and left forefoot is different.

The right outsole plump a little up. The left outsole is normal. The rubber on right outsole should haven’t been glued well, or the air is leaked when producing. Sure, it should be a case-by-case.
It’s easy to wear Zer0.2. After loosing the shoelaces, the opening of shoes is big, it’s easy to wear. But it has double tier of inner sleeve on heelpiece like PG2. Who prefer to slip-on, it would be easy to tread this inner sleeve.

Although it looks like PG2, but the difference is, the outer sleeve of Why Not Zer0.2 is higher than inner sleeve, but the inner sleeve of PG2 is higher than outer sleeve. The inner and outer sleeve of PG2 is seamed together. But the inner and outer sleeve of Why Not Zer0.2 is half-detached. Please you have a look at the dismantled parts.

After tighting the shoelaces, I feel that the center of gravity is a little high. I want to talk about the big Zoom on forefoot. The first feeling on foot is the big and thick Zoom. The Zoom on forefoot is also used on AJ32 and AJ33. Let’s compare them simply.

For the center of gravity, Why Not Zer0.2 is higher than other two sneakers. Why Not Zer0.2 is softer than AJ32 and AJ33.

When we’re dismantling the shoes, we found that the structure of Why Not Zer0.2 is similar to AJ33, except the insole of AJ33 using FlightSpeed, but Why Not Zer0.2 just use a tier of insole material. That is the difference why Why Not Zer0.2 has high center of gravity and soft midsole. The material of FlightSpeed is thinner than Phylon, but Phylon is softer than FlightSpeed.
The black area around the shoes looks like FlightSpeed. But it is just black coating.

You can start quickly. It doesn’t have obvious collapse and drag like previous ZOOM.

We have compared several kinds of air cushion. We found that Jordan prefer to use big ZOOM on forefoot recently, the air pressure is better than other kinds of air cushions like full-length ZOOM, fan-shaped ZOOM and Kyrie 5’s Zoom Turbo. If the air pressure is enough, the ZOOM will be softer. But the disadvantage is, the cushion will descend.

The area of square ZOOM air cushion is big, covering the forefoot. When you start from forefoot, you will feel that the ZOOM likes spring. Each deformation of air cushion will bring great elastic potential energy to push you to go ahead.
Lateral movement and the outsole form:

The big area and high-pressure ZOOM on forefoot can push you to go ahead, but the lateral movement is not very good. The main part of lateral movement is rollover prevention and lateral traction.

The ZOOM air cushion of Why Not Zer0.2 can be said the thickest inner ZOOM air cushion. Enough air pressure can reduce the deformation. The high center of gravity don’t have good rollover prevention. That’s why Kyrie 5 make ZoomTurbo for the outsole shape.

Second, the visible gradient of the outsole also works for ZOOM. The lateral traction is not very good.

Generally, the forefoot design is great for the players who have strong physical quality and linear acceleration explosive force.

Comparing the full-length ZOOM of Why Not Zer0.1, Why Not Zer0.2 only use ZOOM on forefoot, and it just stick the shoe logo on the heelpiece. We have compared PG2 and Kyrie 5 which also haven’t used technology on heelpiece part. The heelpiece cushion effect of Why Not Zer0.2 is better than PG2 and Kyrie 5. The outsole on heelpiece is not very stiff.

The insole material of the sneaker is soft. Comparing with PG2, the insole of Why Not Zer0.2 is soft, like Adidas Bounce.

Why Not Zer0.2’s arc-shaped design on heelpiece is for physical cushion. When you fall to the ground on heelpiece firstly,the arc-shape on heelpiece will push the vibration sense to other place to reduce the force of heelpiece. So the cushion on heelpiece is not bad. I like this design.

Wrapping and Supporting Performance
After tighting the shoelaces, I feel that the shoes fit well with the foot. After wearing the shoes for a long time, you will find that the great wrapping performance is coming from the thick inner lining.

Comparing with AJ32 and PG2,the wrapping performance of Why Not Zer0.2 is not excellent. It doesn’t fit very well as AJ32.

But if you has wide forefoot and high instep, it’s very suitable for you to wear Why Not Zer0.2.

For support, although Why Not Zer0.2 has the lateral strut as KT3 and the middle support plate as Howard 3 which give good support to the shoes, but the outsole is too soft and not very stable, and it doesn’t have extra rollover prevention design, which reduce the shoe’s stability. It would be more suitable for people who has heavy body weight and great power of ankle.
Traction is normal.
The grain of outsole is similar to the claw of octopus. I slipped for a few times when playing basketball. Marquee Boost and Lillard 5 also has the slipping phenomenon. But the traction of Why Not Zer0.2 is not better than Marquee Boost and Lillard 5. The camber on outsole may cause the slipping. It may also due to the wet weather. I am not sure about the exact reason. You can pay an attention on it.

We suggest you to wear it to walk for a while to break-in before actual combat. It may reduce the slipping times when actual combat. Here I also want to remind you to be careful when playing basketball on wet weather.

The personal review for the design:
I think it’s reasonable to add the stiff material on the midsole and heelpiece area. It’s unquestionable that the design of Why Not Zer0.2 is good. The shape is very suitable to the individuality of Westbrook.

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The Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Deconstructed

Today, we dismantle a pair of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 to see its structure and material details.

It has many levels and several kinds of material on the vamp.

On the forefoot vamp, there is a piece of foam mesh between outer knitted vamp and lining.

The middle part of the vamp is made by fabric and lining. It just adds two pieces of support plate. After tighting the shoelaces, it will fit well the foot.

There are two tiers of foam filling in the heelpiece part.

After dismantling it, we find that the two tiers of foam are glued, it is just seamed on the bottom. It would be easy to step on the lining when wearing the shoes without using hand.

It adds a piece of red TPU on the outer layer of heelpiece. It’s a little soft.

The TPU on the arch part is big and stiff.

There are 3pcs of reinforcing ribs on the TPU. It looks like W from the side view.

There is no extra TPU under the fabric of midsole.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 has a big area of ZOOM on forefoot. The ZOOM size is the same as AJ33. The thickness is 10.80mm. And the thickness of FlightSpeed on AJ33 is only 1.59mm. Why Not Zer0.2 ’s ZOOM is thicker. That’s why its center of gravity is high.

The thickness of Phylon on heelpiece is moderated. It’s also softer than Kyrie 5.

Which position does Curry 6 suit for?
As the second signature shoe of fashion icon Westbrook, the design of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 is unique. The design style is fearless and fashion-forward. It’s very suitable to Westbrook.
Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 should be more suitable to whose playing way is similar to Westbrook or who has great physcial quality.

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Performance Review: Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% VS Nike Zoom Fly

On the plan of breaking 2, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% and Nike Zoom Fly must be the most important 2 pairs of running sneakers of Nike in 2017. Today we want to compare the performance of Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% and Nike Zoom Fly.

Due to the carbon plate and ZoomX, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% became an amazing and unique sneaker. Whether the performance or comfort level, it’s hard to find another running sneaker that can compare with 4%. But ZOOM FLY, the cheaper one, hasn’t given us too much surprise. It just can be a pair of training shoes that has good buffer performance with carbon fiber nylon plate.
Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%: running 200KM,Nike Zoom Fly: running 150KM
Appearance: 9.0 scores -Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 9.0 scores -Zoom Fly
The appearance of Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is similar to Zoom Fly. The best distinguishing way is to see if the inner hook position has flywire or not.

Most of people may be curious about the sharp prominent design on heelpiece. The designer want to make the shoes look more “sense of speed”. It also design the spade line on both side of insole. The position of carbon plate and nylon plate is almost the same as the outsole rubber, near to the shoe sole.

Actual wearing feeling: 8.6 scores -Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 7.9 scores -Zoom Fly
I’m confused for the size of these two pairs of running sneakers. The size of Vaporfly 4% is a little bigger, Zoom Fly is half size smaller.

The running feeling is totally different, as these two sneakers use different insole material. The insole of Vaporfly 4% is soft and elastic. But Zoom Fly is stiff.
The longest running distance on Vaporfly 4% is 30KM. The speed is between 405 and 420. The tester feel ache on the shank at last 5km and the feet has some bubbles. The heelpiece part of Vaporfly 4% is a little loosing. And the shoelaces were dispersed a few times. But the heelpiece part of Zoom Fly is tight.
Support: 7.5 scores -Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 7.6 scores -Zoom Fly
If you run slowly, you can only feel zero support from the vamp of Vaporfly 4%. And there is no support on the inner side of arch.

When you wear Vaporfly 4% for 400KM or 20KM for training, you will find that the carbon plate of Vaporfly 4% has great function. The elasticity is great. When your power can’t keep the fast speed, the carbon plate will push you for a few steps.

The support of Zoom Fly is a little better than Vaporfly 4%, the main reason is the insole Lunarlon material is more stiff. One of our tester said the sole of this running shoes is thick and stiff. But you can feel the elasticity if jumping to the grand heavily.
The performance of carbon fabric nylon plate in Zoom Fly is as good as carbon plate.

Buffering: 9.0 scores -Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 7.8 scores -Zoom Fly
The buffering performance of ZoomX is excellent. The weight is light, and it’s soft. That is the buffering performance of ZoomX. The runner who wears Zoom Vaporfly 4% can get faster recovery time than wearing normal running shoes.

The heelpiece position of Vaporfly 4% is easy to deform

few deformation on the heelpice position of Zoom Fly

It’s hard to describe the buffering performance of Zoom Fly. The stiff Lunarlon can offer more buffering performance to heavier runners.

Endurance: 7.5 scores -Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 8.5 scores -Zoom Fly
After running 18KM, the outside of Zoom Vaporfly 4% heelpiece is abrased. The lateral of insole is covered with a tier of plastic. ZOOM X is covered inside. I’m unsatisfied at the the abrasive resistance of the weak single layer vamp of Vaporfly 4%.

The performance of Vaporfly 4% is still great after running 200KM. The performance of black wear-resisting rubber is great. But it seems that it’s more suitable to run in smooth bituminous concrete. But the outsole of ZOOM FLY doesn’t have big abrasion.

General Performance: 8.2 scores-Zoom Vaporfly 4% vs 7.9 scores -Zoom Fly
After testing Vaporfly 4%, we still can’t define it’s a good or bad shoes. We just feel that it’s a pair of magic shoes. As it use ZoomX, that makes it to be the best buffering running shoes. But meanwhile Vaporfly 4% is also a pair of racing running shoes. The mixing effect of carbon plate and ZoomX make it to be a pair of racing running shoes.

If your training speed can’t reach 4 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometre, it doesn’t need to wear Vaporfly 4%. On the contrary, you can wear Zoom Fly or other light training shoes.

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The Performance Review of UA Curry 6- Red Colorway

I’m very pleased when I saw Curry 6. After HOVR is launched, I am expecting the effect of HOVR on basketball shoes. The first pair of basketball shoes with full-length of HOVR–Curry 6 was launched in the begining of 2019. Curry has weared Curry 6 several times. He should be favorite of it. So is Curry 6 worthy for us, the Curry’s fans to except?

The shoebox of Curry 6 is gray. Curry’s logo is on the middle of box cap. The other position of the shoebox is printed with UA logo and Curry’s signature.

This pair of Curry 6 is red, is named by “Heart of the Town”. It is for saluting to Oakland, the city where Curry grew up and gave him so much energy before. It’s an affectional tie between Curry and Oakland.

Curry 6 is still low model as last generation. This design style is also used on Curry 5. It’s foreseeable that this design style will be future mainstream of Curry line. The bright-coloured and passionate red embellishing with black details make the shoes to be arresting.

The outsole of the sneaker use concentric circles with longitudinal straight grains. The traction is visibly excellent. There are some details on the outsole, such as Curry’s three kids’ name, “I Can Do All Things”on TPU and Curry’s signature, Curry’s logo on arch and UA logo on heelpiece.
The heelpiece part is with Curry’s logo:

The heelpiece part is with UA logo:

The shoetongue position is printed Curry’s motto “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”:

My first impression of Curry 6 is light. The vamp is made by weaving material. The insole is with full-length HOVR. So the weight can be light.

The features of vamp with weaving technology is light and thin. The vamp position is stiff. The shoe head position has leather to protect the toes. The shoe tongue is soft. It will be easier to wear it. Normally the integrated shoe tongue design is hard to wear and get off.

The key point of Curry 6 is HOVR in insole. The construction appearance of HOVR is reticular.

For the lacing system of Curry 6, except the traditional shoelace holes, Under Armour has creatively tied the shoelaces to the elastic nylon braid which wraps around the shoe body. It’s to enhance the dynamic wrapping performance. The lacing system of Curry 6 is similar with Curry 3.

Under Armour make separated outsole for Curry 6. The separated outsole is for enhancing the traction and flexibility. With full-length Speed Plate technology, the performance of insole is more comprehensive.

In order to provide more comprehensive evaluation of Curry 6, I weared “Armour” series socks to test.
Frankly, the wrapping performance of Curry 6 is excellent, especially after wearing the Armour socks.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to choose bigger size for Curry 6. The size of UA basketball shoes let me fell confused sometimes. So I choose half a size bigger of Curry 6 for testing. But I find that I don’t need to do it. The size of Curry 6 is normal.

The shoe body of Curry 6 is made by integrated vamp and inside & outside modules. The present integrated sneaker is mainly made with knitted vamp and covering with TPU, rubber, support plate. The heelpiece part is made by foam padding, outside rubber module and inner support module.

Most of people mainly pay too much attention on cushion when choosing a basketball shoes. But it will let them to miss the real shoes that fit them.
Under Armour affirmative disclosure that Curry 6 pay the main attention on feedback and traction capacity. If you want great cushion, please don’t choose it. Curry is not soft and elastic enough. The cushion is not excellent, but enough.

HOVR has showed its elasticity on previous UA Running series. The designer evaluated Curry’s playing way, then change HOVR to make Curry 6 to be more suitable to actual combating demands of linebackers.
Last Curry signature shoes with cushion technology –Under Armour Curry 3 give me great impression for the comfort level and cushion technology UA HOVR Phantom. I still can’t forget the feeling of HOVR on foot till now.
Curry 6 increase the density of HOVR to avoid the deformation. Although it’s not soft enough, but it’s better than Curry 4 & Curry 5. The cushion is similar to Curry 3. It will be excellent for the pitchers who is not heavy

Abrasive Resistance:
For abrasive resistance, The translucence crystal outsole of Curry 6 is not better than rubber material. Curry 6 has great performance on outfield, but also wearing down the material after improving the competitive intension.
The outsole grain of Curry 6 is competitive. The space between the lines is big, so Curry 6 may clamp gravels.
Curry 6 has great performance on transverse and longitudinal traction. You can stop in time. But the abrasive resistance is not very good. The outsole grain has small abrasion after one week’s testing.

Support/Stabilization: surprise
Frankly, Curry 6 as a sneaker for defender has such excellent support and stabilization without carbon fiber plate, which is pleasantly surprised. Curry as a top level of breakthrough and shooting basketball player, he has high request for support and stabilization.

Curry 6 has full-length Speed Plate technology outsole, which can support the outsole well. The TPU stabilization system on heelpiece is also excellent. The two designs on the different positions bind the foot well with the shoes. What is the top level defender sneaker? Curry 6 is the one.

Curry 6 is good accurate positioning sneaker. The enough cushion and light vamp reduce the weight of the sneaker. The full-length HOVR is the main selling points of Curry 6. But after wearing, you will find that it has many shining points.
This sneaker is very suitable for the players who runs a lot when playing. Meanwhile, some players who love Curry, want to emulate Curry’s playing style and have the habit of wearing ankle guard will love the actual combat experience of wearing Curry 6.
The“Heart of the Town”colorway is for saluting to Oakland. The bran-new Curry 6 is for saluting to the all-powerful MVP Stephen Curry. Hopefully, under Curry’s influence, more people will be able to enjoy playing basketball.

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Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Performance Review

In the first week of 2019,maybe no other sneakers that can be more attractive than Jordan Why Not Zer0.2.
From the begining of exposure, it shows the unique color scheme, shoe logo and other details of innovative layout. Moreover, Russell Westbrook has never lack of of news. All of them constitute our first impression of Why Not Zer0.2. But when it launches, we find that it has more rich story than we have thought. Today, let’s see the story of Russell with Why  Not Zer0.2 and Jordan Brand.

On Oct. Of 2012,Russell Westbrook signed the official contact with Jordan Brand. He said,“It’s an honor to be able to sign with Jordan Brand. I still remember clearly that my mother was ever standing in line to buy Air Jordan for me. That was a pair of Air Jordan 9 “Cool Grey. Now, I become a member of Team Jordan. It’s incredible.”

Russel weared Air Jordan 28 in the game on Dec., 2012. “Air Jordan 28 is a explosive product. It’s perfect for me. It’s a special feeling to wear Air Jordan as a spokesperson.

After triennial waiting, Russell Westbrook had his first signature leisure shoes on Aug., 2015. “Fashion was not the driving force for me to buy shoes in my growing experience. So I hope my signature shoes can be owed by more children, and they can wear Westbrook 0 to show themselves.”

Westbrook 0.2 was launched with the new comprehension of fashion on Oct., 2016.

On Jan., 2018, Westbrook had his first signature basketball shoes, Why Not  Zer0.1. Time flies, Why Not  Zer0.2 is coming.

His second signature performance sneaker, the Why Not Zer0.2, is a reflection of this: The design may seem chaotic, but Westbrook planned every element of it with a specific purpose in mind. Here are five things to know about the shoe.
1. Every colorway has a meaning
The lead colorway of the Why Not Zer0.2, dubbed “Future History,” features vibrant color-blocking on different performance materials. At first glance the design may seem random, but each color is meant to reference a uniform that has helped define Westbrook’s career.
“Every colorway has a meaning behind it that is special to me,” says Westbrook. “With the Why Not Zer0.2, I wanted to take that storytelling to the next level with an exposed tag that helps illustrate the meaning behind the colors used.”
2. It honors those closest to him
The only thing Westbrook loves more than the game is his family, which is why he added his family crest on the inner tongue. He also used a black block on the midsole to honor late best friend, Khelcey Barrs III.
“It’s become a tradition for me to honor Khelcey by writing ‘KBIII’ on my game shoes. Each colorway of the WhyNotZer0.2 will have a designated area for me to write that on. I want people who wear my shoe to understand that playing with a purpose bigger than yourself is important,” says Westbrook.
3. Tech trumps trends
When it came to this design, Westbrook said he wanted a shoe that was created specifically to harness his game rather than follow any current style trends.
“From the first design meeting we had, my number one priority was making the best performance basketball shoe possible. I knew that if it was authentic to me then it would come out great,” he says. “That’s what the Why Not? mentality is all about: Doing you regardless of what people think and being confident in who you are.”
Unsurprisingly, the final result still manages to embody Westbrook’s signature Why Not? fashion sense.
4. It’s for the kids, too
Since entering the league, Westbrook has remained committed to inspiring the youth through his charitable work, and his message to them has always been: “Why Not Me? Why not follow your dreams?” That’s why he pushed the Jordan Brand design team to create a premium performance shoe with an accessible price.
“Being a father, it was important to have my signature shoe available in full family sizing. You don’t see that often with performance shoes but for me it’s all about inspiring the next generation. That also means making the shoe affordable and accessible to people all around the world,” says Westrbook.

For the design,we rarely see a star’s signature shoes of two generations which have such big difference. It should be said that the appearance of Why Not Zer0.2 is totally different with Zer0.1.
The first published colorway includes 9 colors. The contrasting colors make it easy to associate the Westbrook’s style of dressing.

Material: The vamp is made of mesh and nylon texture. The grain design elements re very plentiful. The different part have different functions and use different color rendering. The vamp uses hot-melting. So the weight of the sneaker is light.

The outsole is separating design of forefoot and heelpiece part. The middle part is connected by a stiff TPU texture. The configuration of insole uses ZOOM Air Cushion with Flight plate. It’s similar to AJ29. Although such configuration is not better than Zer0.1, but it is Westbrook’s favorite configuration. The TPU on connecting middle part shows Westbrook’s logo “W”. The shoe tongue logo is also seamed on the TPU support of heelpiece part. So the TPU support on midfoot is also thick. The shoe body is with TPU lacing, which also improve the protection.
Westbrook wears Air Jordan 29, 30 & 30.5 frequently. So this kind of outsole design should be his favorite type.

The most unique design of this sneaker is on the outsole. We can see the grains on outsole using unitive concentrated circular rings. The most unique part is the shoe logo on the heelpiece part of outsole. This kind of design has never appeared before.

The shoe upper is double-deck design. The inner sleeve is thick and comfortable. The outer layer is high, but undoubtedly, that will improve wrapping performance and protection. The TPU on heelpiece also improve the stability. With the full-length inner sleeve, the protection and comfort can be assured.

Cushion: Why Not Zer0.2 changes the full-length Zoom Air of Zer0.1 to forefoot Zoom Air cushion. It increases the area of forefoot Zoom Air. This design is more suitable to Westbrook.

As the second signature shoe of fashion icon Westbrook, the design of Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 is unique. The design style is fearless and fashion-forward. It’s very suitable to Westbrook.
Many people have been expecting to buy it. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 will take an important position on the actual combact sneakers of 2019.

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Performance Review of Adidas T-Mac Millennium

Today I want to introduce this cool basketball shoes to you, Adidas T-Mac Millennium, which has great appearance and excellent abrasive resistance.

To mention about Retro, most of people would firstly think of AJ. After all, AJ is the most famous sneakers last year. AJ has more than 20 styles of retro.

And then NIKE launches PROTRO which is a higher-end than retro for Kobe. PROTRO is changing the separated air cushion to full outsole with air cushion and keeping the basic framework in the meantime.

T-mac, who competed with Kobe Bryant before, also got a retro sneaker this year. This pair of TMAC MILLENNIUM sneaker uses the fire-new insole configuration. The BOOST insole cushion technology of Adidas is used in TMAC sneakers. It combines the first to third generations’ vamp design. And it has tail on heelpiece, which make it more special.

The big area of hot melting vamp, shoe head compositing with PU texture and the TMAC symbolic sewing lines constitutes the main part of sneaker. The match colors of is mainly showed on the heelpiece. The shoelaces use tabular traditional material. But the head of shoelaces is luxury, it uses metal material.

Although it has such high configuration, but it doesn’t use inner sleeve.  It’s officially defined as sneakers’ TMAC M. I am surprised that it doesn’t use inner sleeve. It just has two foam paddings on the heelpiece.

As T-MAC series, it still uses BOOST technology, so people will pay close attention to its performance.
Let’s talk about cushion firstly.
The thickness of forefoot part is thinner than heelpiece. It assures the starting sensitivity. And l feel that the heelpice part is soft when jumping to the floor. It’s similar to Harden 1. It uses huge thickness of BOOST. The height of sole is more than 3cm. That leads to some concern about controlling the center of gravity.

For the traction, as T-MAC M use the same outsole as 1st generation, the traction is great, at least on the wood floors. It has good force of friction when stop on all directions. But it doesn’t have friction grain on toe cap, so if you start to run by tiptoe, it will be sliding. Please pay attention on this problem if wearing it to play basketballs.

As it uses full-length BOOST and has metal shoelace head, the unit weight of EUR44 T-MAC M is about 430g.

The torsional performance of T-MAC M is great. The outside of forefoot uses wrap design. Its synthetic vamp has better resistance to external forces than knitted vamp. And there are some small holes in the inside of vamp. But without inner sleeve, the middle of instep is easy to be out of shape.

I think if you choose the befitting size of the sneaker, and it can fix well your heelpiece to ankle, then it will fit your foot well.

Although TMAC M has foam to wrap the heelpiece, but it can fit well the heelpiece . It’s a pity. Without inner sleeve, TMAC M’s wrapping performance is not good.

This pair of T-MAC retro sneaker use the hot-melting vamp, leather and Chinese element. That makes it to be a sneaker with culture, and it’s suitable for sneaker lovers to collect. As a signature shoes, the configuration of outsole and traction is great. But for the fit and center of gravity’s control, it’s not good to be a sneaker for actual combact. The cheaper Harden 1 is better as their configuration is similar. But the performance of T-MAC Millennium is excellent if comparing with T-MAC 1st to 3rd generation.

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Under Armour Curry 6 Performance Review

Recently, Under Armour launched Curry 6 for its basketball player Stephen Curry at the end of 2018. As the signature shoes of the most famous player on Golden State Warriors which is the current best team in NBA, Curry series keeps Under Armour basketball shoes series’ high standard, and it also gives high support for Stephen Curry in the basketball court.

When a sneaker is named Curry, with the appearance with sense of speed and matching with Under Armour’s new insole technology HOVR, even people who are not so interested in basketball and sneaker cultures are eager to have a try. So what’s the improvement of Curry 6 comparing with last generation? What is the newest technology which offer the support? After getting Curry 6 “Fox Theater”, as an amateur, I have tested and offer below some reviews of this sneaker for your reference.

The first color scheme is stunning. The designer of UA Curry 6 is Leon Gu who has ever designed Curry 2.5. The dominant tone of this Under Armour Curry 6 “Fox Theater” color scheme is black, with the embellishment of gradually varied green TPU support plate and nylon rope etc. It’s inspired by Auckland’s landmark building FOX Theater. It looks like the neon lights of Fox Theater in night. I love this creativity. Curry is also satisfied at this inspiration of putting the elements of his hometown city in the shoes.

It embossed Curry’s personal logo SC30 on TPU support plate. The color of hot melting nylon rope on vamp is luminous yellow, which is very eye-catching. The shoe sides still use the hottest ankle socks cuff design. The insole part is made of the initiative energy mesh covering the core technology HOVER. The design of overall appearance gives us a sense of speed to the sneaker.

Curry 6 designer Leon Gu

▼ The appearance has the sense of science fiction and speed.

Traction & Technology
There are three glittering points of Curry 6. The full-length HOVER foam is required for Curry’s playing style. Curry needs to run about 2.3 miles per game, that’s why Curry wants to design a sneaker that looks more like a running shoes for himself. This sneaker has full-length HOVR technology, which is conducive to cushion and energy feedback. This is also the greatest technology lightspot of this sneaker. Moreover, as Curry need to turn, do deceptive movement and other movements frequently, it requires the sneaker to have great traction. Curry 6 uses the separating outsole to increase the land area. Meanwhile, it uses Speed Plate technology to increase the traction.

The force of friction on outsole is great. When I wear Crry 6 and imitate Curry to do sudden stop, the sneaker can be stop and move in time. The sneaker behaves well when testing the sprint and sudden stop shooting at the basket. It owes to the special grain design on the outsole. The left side is grid mode and the right side is longitudinal mode, and assisted by the special grain design of Y and #. The grain design make it has great traction capacity.

The composited vamp with multiple density fabric

The different density and elastic strength fabric matching with hot melting , the tongue which is made by rubber and leather, and the heelpiece support which have reinforced the different parts of the shoes.

Full-length knit is used from heel to toe. There are some fuse overlays in the standard high-wear areas such as the toe along with the reinforced sections along the eyestay so the laces don’t rip through the knit.

Full-length HOVR cushioning is used in the entire midsole. After Micro G and Charged, the newest cushion technology HOVR is used on Curry 6. Also, it’s a bit different from the HOVR Havoc, which housed the HOVR foam within an EVA carrier. The midsole cushion is definitely one of Curry 6’s lighspot . With HOVR, Curry 6 has the energy feedback and good elasticity. This has been proved by the prior sneaker which has used HOVR. After wearing Curry 6 to play basketball, it’s not soft enough as what I image. Certainly, running and playing basketball are two totally different sport. HOVR can offer high starting speed to you. But if you are a bouncer, you will feel that this sneaker is not very soft.
▼ HOVR material is used sufficiently

On a personal level, having played in every Curry shoe made thus far, this is the best they’ve done at giving a little bit of something for everyone. If you prefer the low profile feel of the previous Curry models, then you won’t be disappointed with the Curry 6. However, if cushion has been the one thing to stop you from trying a Curry model, then the Curry 6 will change that.

▼Offical Design Draft

As this model is not high-top, it’s easy to wear it. The first time that I wear it, I lace up the shoes too tight. But after loosing a little, the vamp won’t press the instep. if you’re already accustomed to knit basketball shoes, you will like this model. It’s not overly stretching (KD11) or overly stiff (Kobe 9) but it’s a good balance of strength where you need it and flex where you’d want it.
As the type of this sneaker is a little long, you won’t feel tight. You just need to choose the normal size that you used to wear.

Supporting & Protective Capability
The supporting capability is mainly reflected in supporting the knee after jump shot, bounce and other actions. Curry 6 has great supporting capability. After 5cm bounce, I hasn’t felt the bouncing pressure on the knees.

The protective capability is mainly for protecting the ankle, and protecting the feet when turning and twisting.
Curry 6 is low sneaker. The vamp is still knitted. Although it adds a hot-pressing reinforcement on the shoe head, but Curry requires that the sneakers need to be light. So Curry 6 is not heavy. Of course, the designer hasn’t given up the protection due to light model. The hot-pressing reinforcement, reinforcing lace and the outsole can fix well the sneaker when turning. But if you want the perfect protection, it’s better to put on ankle guard. After all, Curry 6 is designed for nimble full back.

Generally, Curry 6 has been improved a lot comparing with last generations. It’s suitable for full back who prefer to do the actions and running. It’s very suitable to Curry. But it’s not so suitable for the heavy center forward.
Traction and support are what Curry models are most known for and the Curry 6 is no exception.
The base of the shoe is fairly wide and flat for stability, while flex grooves are carved into the outsole to promote natural motion. You sit within the majority of the midsole while the lateral section has been extended to act as an outrigger. UA also implemented a TPU support plate which they call it a speed plate, that helps reinforce the HOVR and also acts as a full-length outrigger without restricting mobility — something spring plates are known for as they’re implemented directionally underfoot.
As far as I can see, this sneaker has fast starting and great traction. That’s enough for me. Hope this simple review is helpful for you to choose.

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Performance Review of Nike Lebron Witness III

As one of the present NBA leading figures, Leborn’s sneakers have a great variety. It covers the high, medium and low-end level. Not many people pay close attention to the new launched LEBRON WITNESS III. As this series are always performed tepidly. But it catches many shoe fans’ eyes after using 3/4 length of the Air Sole cushion.

Comparing with WITNESS II, the new WITNESS III has a big difference in appearance. The vamp of WITNESS II use coriaceo-reticulate matching. And the vamp of WITNESS III uses full fabric. It looks more succinct.

The front view: The pure black fabric vamp is simple

The side view: The fabric texture on the vamp is hexagon texture.

The rear view: the leather rear side is embossed with AKRON 330.

Confort:6 scores
Normally the vamp with fabric texture is comfortable. But I don’t feel that WINTNESS III is comfortable when wearing. The vamp design of WITNESS III is suitable for the people with thin feet or low instep. It’s a little difficult for people whose feet is slightly fat or with high instep to wear it.
The size is normal. The width of shoe tree is also normal, but the vamp is lower type, not high enough.

Wrapping Performance & Support: 6.5 scores
The lower fabric vamp design of WITNESS III oppress the feet, but it’s not quite normal. The vamp pinches the toes. It’s a little tight. The heelpiece is low type, and the thickness of foam is not thick enough. The feet can’t be wrapped well.
For support, the fabric vamp can offer the required supporting performance when moving.

Traction & Abrasion Resistance:8 scores
For the outsole, WITNESS III uses XDR wear-resisting rubber and match with deep water wave texture. The traction performance is great when playing on out-field. And the XDR wear-resisting rubber outsole is also suitable to out-field.
When testing sudden stop, WITNESS III can stop by one step. The sneaker keep the good traction performance when making kinds of breakthrough or turning.

Cushion:6 scores
The insole of WITNESS III is with 3/4 length Air Sole cushion which has been expected by many players Although the cushion performance is not better than present Zoom Air cushion. But the 3/4 length Air Sole is also worthy to be expected.
On the begining of wearing, the resilient feedback of Air Sole Cushion is not obvious. It needs time to adapt. The insole is not stiff when jumping to the floor.

General Comments:6.6 scores
The appearance of WITNESS III is more succinct. The vamp is traditional fabric. The design is reasonable,except the lower vamp.
The XDR wear-resisting rubber outsole with deep water wave texture has excellent torsion and anti-abrasion performance. It’s suitable for the players who prefer to play on out-field.
Although the 3/4 length Air Sold Cushion in insole is the old cushion technology, but it’s better than two pieces of small hexagon ZOOM Air cushion.
On the whole, the design and configuration of WITNESS III is normal type.