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Performance Reviews of NIKE Lebron 16

Leborn 16 is launched in Los Angeles. As one of the present leader figures in NBA, the sneakers of Leborn definitely has kinds of top technology. The new generation continues the insole configuration of last generation. Let’s see its performance on the basketball court.

Appearance:8 scores
For the first sight of Lebron 16, most of people feel that the shoe shape is highly consistent with last generation. It just has the difference in details. As it were the improvement of Lebron 15.

The front view of this sneaker. BattleKnit 2.0 vamp is chequered with black and white.

The side view of this sneaker. The insole still use the same configuration of last generation.

The rear view of this sneaker, the heelpiece with leather texture to increase the stability. The left heelpiece is embossed with BBZ and the right heelpiece with 330.

Comfort:8.5 scores
Leborn 16 is integrated shoe body design. But the moving space of shoe tongue is big. It’s easy to wear.
BattleKnit 2.0 vamp is soft and comfortable. It’s not tight.

The size of Leborn 16 is normal. You can choose the normal size that you wear.

After wearing, the width of shoe tree on forefoot is moderated.

Wrapping Performance & Support:8 scores
The lacing system of Leborn 16 hasn’t use dynamic Flywire design. So it doesn’t have obvious improvement of wrapping performance. You can feel that the feet fit well with the vamp, but not tight. For the supporting performance, BattleKnit 2.0 vamp has been improved comparing with last generation.

The lace hole of Leborn 16 is different with the normal design. The normal lace hole across the whole vamp. But the lace hole of this sneaker only exist in the knit vamp, not passing though the inner sleeve. But this design will make it difficult to tension the laces to improve the wrapping performance. It needs to be adjusted after wearing. You can feel that the vamp fit well with the vamp, but lacking the tight oppressing sensation. The foam padding in heelpiece is not thick enough.

BattleKnit 2.0 vamp improves the intensity comparing with last generation. It can offer great support when moving. The heelpiece is reinforced by leather, which can increase the support to ankle. The stability of Leborn 16 is obviously better than last generation.

From this side view, we can see that the design on heelpiece position which can increase the area of insole thrust surface, then it can improve the stability.

Traction & Abrasion Resistance:8 scores
The outsole of Leborn 16 uses herringbone texture deisgn. The traction is excellent. But the abrasion resistance of crystal outsole is not good. We only suggest to wear it for playing on wood floor.
When testing the sudden stop on outfield, Leborn 16 can stop at once.
On wood floor, the crystal outsole hasn’t been abrased. But the crystal outsole has obvious rough selvedge in out-field.

Cushion: 9 scores
For configuration of insole, LeBorn 16 uses 3 stops separated air cushion as last generation, which including ZOOM Air Cushion on forefoot and arch and ZOOM with MAX air cushion on heelpiece. The match of ZOOM+MAX on heelpiece can be said to be top level. It doesn’t need to talk about the comfortable sensation. And it has big area of ZOOM Air Cushion on forefoot, I can feel the resilience feedback from insole.
The small Zoom Air Cushion on arch doesn’t have big effect when wearing. It’s mainly for stabilize the insole.

General Comment:8.3 scores
As LeBorn 16 uses the same insole model as last generation, the variation of whole vamp appearance is not obviously. If only looking from the appearance, Leborn 16 is just the improvement of Leborn 15.
The tenacity of BattleKnit 2.0 vamp has been improved. The support of vamp is better than Leborn 15.
For insole cushion, LeBorn 16 uses 3 stops separated air cushion. You can feel the obvious resilient feedback due to the big ZOOM Air Cushion on forefoot. The stability of ZOOM+MAX air cushion on heelpiece is good. The normal body weight can keep the supporting stability after jumping to the floor. The crystal outsole is only suitable to infield. The wear-resisting property when playing on outfield is bad. We suggest the power and ponderal type frontline players to wear it for actual combact.

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Simple Comparison of Air Jordan 11 Space Jam, UNC, Concord Reviews

Below it’s a comparison from a buyer’s blog.

After working, I haven’t kept on purchasing NIKE shoes. I normally only purchased a pair of NIKE each year. As I can’t wear sneakers when working. I don’t have many chances to wear it. The main purpose is for collection. I guess most of people still continue the hobby to have a look on their sneakers sometimes to miss the past. When we have the ability to purchase the dreamed shoes, but our happiness is not so strong as we thought. Maybe what we are pursuing has been upgraded to be bigger house and better car. But men’s desires will never end. But for me, I will still keep purchasing the basketball shoes to keept the passion in my heart.

Let’s come to the point to have a look on these three pairs of shoes and make a simple comparison.
Let’s start from the shoebox, from left to right is SpaceJam, UNC , Concord
SpaceJam: Special design of 23 and 45 on the box
UNC: Highlight 23, it’s the biggest one of these three boxes
Concord: It’s the normal flying man shoebox

Space Jam: The outermost layer is drawer type box. Inside shoebox is with cap. And the innermost layer is stiff plastic cap, which is printed with Xl. It looks like opening a gift.
UNC: The outermost layer is also drawer type box. But there is no cap inside. The innermost layer is also with a stiff plastic cap with XI.
Concord: It is just a normal shoebox with cap, nothing else.

After taking away the cap:
Space Jam: There is two layers of wrapping paper, one is printed with 4, and another one is a layer of normal wrapping paper inside. Then we can see the shoes.
UNC: It also has two layers of wrapping paper, one is printed with tartan design and anther one is also normal wrapping paper inside.
Concord: There is only a layer of very thin wrapping paper inside.

I smelt the glue after taking out the shoes. The light is a little dimmed, the black and bule is not very visible, from left to right is Space Jam, UNC, Concord.

The 3 pairs of shoes have shoe stretcher. Concord has one more heelpiece support.

The vamp texture of these 3 pairs of shoes are mainly patent leather. Personally, I prefer to big area of patent leather.

Comparing the workmanship, there are many people complains the workmanship of Concord about excessive glue. But my Concord is not bad. I can accept the small excessive glue. 

After comparing, I found that crystal outsole of UNA is yellowing. I don’t know it supposed to be yellowing or it’s oxidized.

As to the carbon plate, I don’t care a lot if it change the material or reduce the size. As I don’t have many chances to wear them.

For the decorative pattern on heelpiece:
SpaceJam: inwrought 45
UNC: Gluey 23
Concord: Gluey 45
It’s possible that the gluey number will fall out after wearing for a long time. The workmanship of my sneakers is good. I will still keep the habit to purchase the favorite sneakers and have a look at them when I’m avaialble.

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Performance Review of NIKE KD 11

KD won grand champion again, and got FMVP. We seen that KD weared KD10’s WHAT THE match color. Many people expected the new KD after seeing the nice colorway of KD10.

First impression:
The KD 11’s structure is totally different with KD 10. The vamp is made by a whole piece of texture. The ZOOM in shoe sole is also changed to be a whole piece.

Although KD 11 design is simple, but the configuration is not simple. KD 11 uses whole ZOOM in the outsole and match with REACT cushion texture. Almost the whole vamp is covered by FLYKNIT with partial hot melting nylon texture. The heelpiece part splice with crazing chamois to promote the texture.

For the details, we can see KD 11 has different hardness FLYKNIT on the vamp. The part of forefoot is more solid, and the part of shoe side and laces are soft. It’s convenient for shoelaces to adjust the degree of tightness. It’s the same as HUPERDUNK 2016, the difference is the FLYKNIT of KD11 is thicker and solid.

The insole is the design of external covering. It’s similar to KOBE AD. But it’s more integrated. There is a whole piece of thick crystal sole which cover the internal cushion texture. It looks cool. The long loophole in the sole is also similar to HYPERDUNK ELITE. The outsole grains are arc-shape. It’s standard configuration for indoor plastic cement and wood floor.

As there is a design to pulling the shoes on the heelpiece, it likes to be wearing a pair of socks when wearing KD11. The size is normal. As Flyknit wrap the feet perfect, we suggest the friends whose feet slant fat can choose half a size bigger. The feeling on foot is very soft, which can compete with LBJ 15.

Cushion: 9 scores
The REACT matches with ZOOM,so cushion is excellent. You can adapt to this pair of sneaker soon, due to the sufficient cushion and soft foot feeling. Normally, the sneakers with high configuration for cushion have thick insole. So the center of the sneaker is too higg, and with a soft insole, it’s easy to be unsteady and sprain the ankle. KD11 has thick stiff crystal outsole to wrap the cushion texture, so the cushion grad is high and it’s also soft. But I feel that it’s very steady after jumping and falling to the ground. But it also has disadvantage. The thick crystal sole increase the weight. The unit weight of EUR44.5 is about 460g.

Wrapping Peformance/Comfort:9 Scores
The Flyknit show the excellent wrapping performance on Hyperdunk 2016 and LBJ15. Although the structure of KD11 is a little sloppy, it’s not so slender as HD16. But you can still feel that the shoes cling well to your feet. The tight wrapping with soft shoe-pad and stepping on REACT and whole ZOOM, the foot feeling of KD11 exceed most of the basketball shoes this year.

Support/Sability: 7.5 scores
The insole support is very steady. So that we can rein REACT and whole ZOOM well on strenuous exercise. Without stable outsole, the comfort cushion technology is still unhelpful. The support of vamp is weaker. And the strength of lateral forefoot is also weaker. Sometimes a intense stutter stop will make you feel slippy.

Traction/Abrasion Resistance: 8.5 scores
For abrasion resistance, as we mentioned above, the arc-shape grains on outsole is standard configuration for indoor plastic cement and wood floor. But it’s better not to wear it on outfield. The traction performance is also great. It’s easy to stop when you need. The good traction also increase the stability.

It’s worth mentioning that KD11 doesn’t have the arch support. When you are lengthways suddenly stopping, the feet will slipping to front, then it will be easy to stab the toes.

In general, after changing the cushion of KD 9, 9 ELITE and KD 10, KD11 is a pair of worthy fire-new shoes. The design is simple, but with many details. The new combination of REACT with whole ZOOM on the new design of crystal outsole is perfect matching. Almost the players on all positions except who are using Kyrie’s playing ways can try KD11. You won’t be disappointed.

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Nike Lebron 16 Performance Review

Lebron went to the new team when the new sports competition season. In the new environment, Lebron 16th generation were also coming. It used the same insole cushion technology as last generation. The shoe tongue has been revised and improved. It’s similar to Leborn 15.  The two obvious disadvantages of Leborn 15 is rollover prevention and high center of gravity. Could Leborn 16 overcome these problems to demonstrate Lebron series?

Let’s start from the details of vamp. The main match colors is black and gray with red. It embroider his daughter’s name abbreviations <BBZ>  and the area code of his hometown Akron <330> on the left and right heel. On the shoe tongue, it embosses the name of charity institutions which cooperate with Leborn, and the map of Ohioan. The location of five-pointed star is for Akron.

Leborn’ s signature and NO.23 are also showed on the shoe tongue. The first feeling when wearing Leborn 16 is the same as Leborn 15. It has high center of gravity than normal sneakers. The thick insole air cushion brings good cushion. But for some players who prefer to the feeling of  touching floor, Leborn 16 is not suitable. The 3 air chamber covers the area except toes. The cushion is excellent. You will like the feedback of spring back. It’s special, but it still need times for wearers to adapt to.

For the outsole’s force of friction, Leborn 16 uses unidirectional raised grain design. The structure is simple. But the force of friction is above average. It reinforces the function of rollover prevention. The outsole of forefoot is enlarged.

Wrapping Performance:

Leborn 16 improves the wrapping performance obviously. It updates the design of shoe tongue, which is adding the leather texture. The 2 sections of folding design makes Leborn 16 to be suitable for more people’s instep height. This is a new solution to make shoe tongue and vamp to be integrated.

The battleknit on vamp uses stiffer knitting way. The protection of shoe head is better. The tabular shoelaces  are more convenient for lacing the shoes.  But it’s not easy to change the shoelaces. The stiff battleknit tecture is not easy to be bended, and it has nylon inner sleeve, which make it to be difficult to penetrate shoelaces into the lace holes.

Anti-torsion performance:

Leborn 16 has good supporting vamp. The anti-torsion performance must be better than last generation. It optimizes the protection. But comparing with other sneakers, due to the higher insole, its sensitivity of  turning and stutter stop is not good.

The weight of Leborn 16 EUR size 44 is about 520g, due to the leather texture and thick insole. It’s heavy.

Although its upper height is not high, but the heavy weight is not suitable for some basketball players.

It’s obviously that Leborn 16 has been improved. After evaluating, we find that it has optimized the disadvantages of last generation. But it’s with the same outsole frame. Its advantages and disadvantages are also obvious. The main advantages are the excellent cushion and vamp support. But the sensitivity of insole is not good. If you have purchased Leborn 15 and like its cushion, Leborn 16 could also attracts you.

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